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Texting Technicalities

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So after being without my home computer for a week, I was stuck at home on my day off with cell phone as my only source to the outside world with work awaiting me.

It was time to let my fingers to the typing or texting as this case may be, but this time it got me into trouble.

I committed the fateful, yet, not uncommon error. Yes, I was guilty.

My text went to the wrong person.

To top it all off, the text I had sent out was to someone, of course, I hadn’t texted before so I included my first and last name and my email address in my text message too.

So much for trying to be an efficient texter—I guess I can consider myself lucky to actually know that I made the mistake. To know that my text did not vainly go into cyberspace and never to return, I did get a reply.

“I think u sent this to the wrong person,” the replying text said. I was surprised and in that quickly sent my own reply, “who is this?”

Then my common sense kicked in and said, “hello, this person isn’t going to reply to that.”

So I went with another reply, “this isn’t Tammy?”

I waited and wondered. “No. This is Carl. Sorry,” the text said. This is when my conscience began to run wild and the thoughts, “OMG, who is this ‘Carl’ and what am I going to do about how much of my personal information he has—my cell phone number, my name and my email. I know in my line of work many people have this information, but it still remained on my mind. Gone were the days when all you got was a busy signal or an answering machine (and I rarely leave messages on them).

So I added one more reply just to excuse my texting error. “I am sorry. I need to update my address book.”

His politeness was apparent in his reply, “No problem. Have a great day.”

After all was said and texted, my error resulted in a pleasant experience—kind of like when you wave other drivers on the road. But one more piece of advice before I part to do some more texting...watch out for that auto fill function. It can be a hazardous one!

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