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Home Blogs News Room Musings Reforming the “Pepsi Challenge”…more myth busting

Reforming the “Pepsi Challenge”…more myth busting

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For a limited time Pepsi has gone back to what the company calls a “refreshingly retro” look along with a “real sugar” ingredient. The Pepsi Throwback cans are currently available now until Feb. 22.

Mountain Dew is doing the same with its drink/label combo. Adding this “rad vintage look” was due to the public’s plea to the company through Facebook, twitter, emails etc.

(They can be found locally at Piggly Wiggly and Dollar General.)

The Pepsi Throwback includes real sugar, which is a combination of cane and beet sugar instead of the highly debated high fructose corn syrup in the current Pepsi.

The difference in the labels is apparent with the Pepsi Throwback sporting a white can and the name written horizontally in the red, white and blue circle while the current can is blue with Pepsi written vertically.

Differences in the ingredients besides the sugar are minor in comparison—each is very low sodium with the current Pepsi containing 10 mg less than the Pepsi Throwback. Each is 150 calories.

So we reformed the old “Pepsi Challenge” and put our own twist on it pinning today’s Pepsi against Pepsi Throwback instead of Coca-Cola.

The thought of the “Pepsi Challenge” took Davy back to when he was just four-years old at the State Fair.

“This latest myth busting task has surfaced a previously repressed memory," said Davy. "I recall a traumatic experience with the original Pepsi Challenge at the State Fair of Texas when I was a little kid. The gist of the challenge then was to sample two unmarked cups of cola, one Coke and the other Pepsi. If you said you preferred the taste of Pepsi you got a prize. I did it like three times and picked Coke every time. I think I cried and they gave me the prize anyway.”

The company claims that it is a bold, robust, effervescent magic cola. So we put our myth busting hats on again to challenge Today’s current Pepsi versus Pepsi Throwback. Each of us had to drink from cups, one marked A and the other marked B, unknowing of the contents.

Here are our results:

In our challenge, three out of five testers correctly guessed the identity of the unmarked Pepsi products. Of those five, only two thought the Throwback formula tasted better, and only two of the five said they would be more likely to purchase Throwback Pepsi products; however, four out of the five preferred the throwback logo and branding. All five testers denoted the Throwback formula as sweeter and more effervescent.

Should Pepsi continue to offer the Throwback Pepsi? Well, maybe it should have the Throwback label and the current Pepsi ingredients.

NOTE: There is one myth that didn't get busted. My co-workers revoked the idea of taking both different kinds of Pepsi into the parking lot and doing a shake/spray test. Guess it is time for me to take my myth busting hat off and go home.

See chart below: A=Today’s Pepsi     B=Throwback Pepsi


Which is sweeter? B A B B B
Which is more effervescent? B B B B B
Which tastes better overall? A A A B B
Which are you most likely to purchase? A A because of the look A B B
Which drink is A? Today's Pepsi (correct)

Throwback (wrong)

Throwback (wrong) Today's Pepsi (correct) Today's Pepsi (correct)
Which label do you prefer? Throwback Today's Pepsi Throwback Throwback Throwback
Do you remember the original Pepsi? Not really No Yes Yes No


A Pepsi Challenge montage...



Here is a look back at how the Pepsi commercials have progressed, changing with the times...


in the 1960s




in the 1990s




more current times



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