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Has spring arrived? The temperatures seem like it has, with 70 degree days in Hopkins County in the middle of January. One almost expects to see the daffodils popping out all over Hopkins County.

We’ll see some more cold weather, but as fast as time is passing, it won’t be long before springtime. You might be looking at those garden seed catalogues and anticipating setting out some onions. If you’re going to have your Irish potatoes in the ground before Valentine’s Day, you better be making some plans to get them purchased and the eyes cut off. That’s less than a month away.

If you were lucky enough to have a holiday on Monday, you had a great day to get out and work in the yard, make a trip to the lake, or just enjoy the sunshine. I spent Monday “on the road,” as I traveled to Huntsville for some research that I was doing, and toured the Texas Prison Museum. If you’re headed in that way, it’s a great place for conducting research, and a very interesting history is available about the Texas Penal System. You’re sure to be entertained with some of Texas’ outlaw history.

For example, can you imagine that some 76 years ago Bonnie and Clyde were the menace throughout this part of Northeast Texas? They’d orchestrated a “chain gang” break at the Texas Prison Farm and killed a guard in the process. Their “reign of terror” was all across this section of the state. As many know, Mr. Finis Attlesey, along with his brothers Joe and Bob, met up with Bonnie and Clyde down in the Running Creek bottoms near Reilly Springs as they were taking plow horses to the field. Several other sightings of the outlaws were reported in the neighboring Yantis community at the same time. Legend has it that they were staying with some extended relatives in the Coke community in Wood County for a brief period. Can you imagine the tales that ensued and the news traveling from house to house as the little old ladies in their cotton-print dresses passed the word from place to place?

I heard from Vera Harrington, this week, and she allowed that she’d been blessed with a visit, over the weekend, from Mary and the girls. They arrived in time for Caroline to do a little bit of “hunting” while she was in Reilly Springs. It seems that Vera had given Caroline a turtle shell some weeks back, and Caroline had the opportunity to make a “skin of a trade” with one of her classmates for a “pre-historic” bone. However, Caroline wanted to keep the shell and find another one for her “trade of a lifetime,” Sounds like the hunt was on during the weekend, with Caroline searching throughout the community.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Caroline and Charlotte were all excited about leaving tomorrow for Disneyland. That was Vera’s Christmas gift, and probably Caroline will most likely forget about her turtle shell sometime during the exciting trip. Charlotte was most excited about her first plane ride and was relishing every minute of the trip. I’m quite certain that Vera is sure to have some stories in the coming weeks as the “Burns Girls” take in Disneyland.

Last Wednesday saw a great night of family fun at Weldon and Jana DeWitt’s home, as Baby Sam arrived from Muleshoe to “meet and greet” a host of relatives from Hopkins County. He probably had second thoughts about this ol’ cruel world once he’d met all of us. And, I must say, he is even cuter than he was Christmas, and I’m not prejudiced in any way ...

Michael and Jandi Lawrence and Landri and Sam all returned to Muleshoe on Sunday following several days of visiting family and friends in the area.

Mary Koon was relating a story about the muddy roads in the Reilly Springs community as she was reminded of an Ol’ Jersey Bull that would follow them along the road as they walked down the hill to the schoolhouse. He’d follow along, just across the fence, bellowing and snorting at them. “Little did I know, he’d been purchased from Brodie and his dad, and that it was possibly a foreshadowing for me of spending my life on a Jersey dairy farm,” related Mary. “I’d see lots of Jersey bulls in my lifetime,”

Mary remembered how deep the ruts would get in the road going up the hill south of Reilly Springs, and how the only way to get to the school and store was to either walk or ride a horse. “The old cars had narrow tires, and would hit ‘high-center,’ and be buried up to the axles, in the quagmire of mud, in the roads,” remembered Mary. “We tend to forget just how bad things were back in those days, and fail to count our blessing, when we can drive to town in almost any kind of weather, without a problem. Just going to Sulphur Springs was a full day’s trip back in those days,”

The Yantis Owls and Lady Owls both suffered losses on Friday night as Martins Mill came to town, delivering a blow to their district records. The Owls are now second in district. However, on Tuesday night, the Owls took a decisive victory over Campbell before the home he Lady Owls lost another. If you haven’t been going to the Owls and Lady Owls games, you’re missing a real treat for some exciting basketball and an opportunity to visit with all of your neighbors.

The Como-Pickton Eagles defeated the Cooper Bulldogs, on Tuesday night, but the Lady Eagles lost in a very close and physical game. Neighboring Como-Pickton is also delivering some exciting basketball this season and the residents of the eastern part of our community have been traveling to see them play, on a regular basis.

I managed to get back into Hopkins County Monday night, in time for the 19th Annual MLK Awards at Morning Chapel Baptist Church, sponsored by East Caney Baptist Church and the African American Leadership Conference. Several from our community were in attendance, and congratulations are in order fom the Roy and Yvonne King family, at being named the 2010 Family of the Year.

Our friend W.C. Pryor, om over in the Birch Creek Community, received the “Legacy of King” Award, and we want to congratulate him, as well. Most of us in the community remember W.C.’s legacy as hauling more square bales of hay than an yone that we know. He was reared hauling hay in the Herman Pryor Crew and we can all attest to the fact that he’s probably lifted more of those bales than anyone we know. W.C. probably says a prayer every morning, of thankfulness for the round baler.

I haven’t heard from the Fishers this week, but heard “through the grapevine” that Blake had been sick. This is hoping that he gets to feeling better and is “back on the mend quickly. He’s got to get better quickly, as he has a big wedding to plan.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the great weather while it lasts . Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and the people of Haiti. Ask for them a measure of safety and for God’s blessings on them. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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