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Coaches jumping from job-to-job

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I blame computers.


That is what has this whole coaching merry-go-round in high gear for pro and college coaches.

First Pete Carroll leaves USC for the Seahawks. That starts everything in motion.

Carroll's new, rich, boss, Paul Allen, as in Microsoft. He also owns the Seahawks and lured Pete out of sunny LA for Seattle for $35 million and total control of the football operations.

Some say Carroll left USC one step ahead of NCAA troubles, some dating back to Reggie Bush.

But Carroll said "no way" - but took the money and left town anyway.

Then that brings in former USC asst coach Lane Kiffin to take over for Carroll.

The problem was, all of Tennessee had opened their arms to Kiffin, and family, and in 14 months he was making strides at Rocktop. But he left  Tennessee quicker than Elvis could devour a peanut butter and banana samich.

So now Tennessee is on the prowl for a new, high profile coach.

The Vols have offered Will Muschamp a big sack of money ($3 mil a year, sources say), but he is staying in Austin. Reports say they might try Gary Patterson in TCU, but he is pretty happy in Ft. Worth. Patterson knows a good deal, plus Tennessee is a high profile and a high pressure job.

So I say that software tycoons are the reason for all this turmoil.

Who will leave next, only the computer knows.


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