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Home Blogs Tech Blog Why did I wait so long? [iPod Touch]

Why did I wait so long? [iPod Touch]

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This year my parents did me a solid by getting me the coveted iPod Touch! I really needed a portable music player and, as we all know, Apple media items are always the best.

Sure, I already have an iPod. It's a first gen iPod Video. Killer in 2005: "A portable mp3 device that plays video?! The impossible is possible!" And it was, undoubtedly, great. The problem was not with the product, but me. I was a very clumsy 18 year old when I got it.

Needless to say, my iVideo has seen better days. Here's the poor thing, today (modeled by our lovely sports writer, Cindy Roller) :

My iPod Video


I know. How on earth could a music lover such as I treat a prized item so terribly? I assure you that it was all accidental - I think. I could have sworn that one day I woke up and it was in that terribly scratched and broken condition.

The good news: it was AFTER the 1000th time I dropped it that the left channel broke. I couldn't get any sound from my left earbud. And, I assure you, that is not conducive to music listening.

So I wanted a new one. Of course, I wouldn't splurge on an iPod - I kinda like being able to eat...

That's where my parents (and Jingle Bell time) come in. Feliz Navidad: an iPod touch!

And after having it a few weeks, I tell you I am in love. I can't sing its praises enough. I think it would have been a sound investment even if I had to forego my nutrition for a while.

Not only is the mp3 and video playback top notch, the extra features are phenomenal. If you are anywhere with Wi-Fi, you can browse the internet via Safari, download new music, get applications of all sorts (games, dictionaries, unit converters - even an Amazon Kindle app!), get your e-mail. No Wi-Fi? Well, you can still use bluetooth to connect wireless headphones or transfer files, set an alarm, keep your calendar, etc. My only complaint is the lack of a camera; though I'd wager that the next gen will definitely come with it (I mean, the iPod Nano has one now...).

Talk about a major upgrade from the iPod Video.

If only you could make calls off the thing! That would just be the best thing ev- oh wait.

...Man, I really want an iPhone.  (This is how American consumerism is born. It's your fault, Steve Jobs.)


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