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iPhone + pavement + Christmas parade = deadPhone

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My iPhone situation has gone from bad to worse it seems. You may recall my last missive involving my beloved iPhone's cracked screen. Well, lets just say once and for all that Apple's iPhone is no match for Christmas parades.

The short story is this: iPhone fell out of parade vehicle unnoticed. Landed face down on pavement. Everyone from Elves to Santa ran over said iPhone, because when I got back to the scene of the crime, little was left of the device. Let it also be noted that a certain Frosty the Snowman made the ultimate sacrifice in a desperate effort to rescue the most Holy of phones.

Amazingly enough, the phone still works. Screen is obliterated, but it still obligingly rings and vibrates when I get calls and texts. I can't do a thing about it, but it still works.

So, what does one do with a persmcshterkated iPhone? I called Apple tech support who told me my warranty does not cover accidental damage. To which I replied with some variant of, "Oh, you most helpful representative. That's is just fine and exactly what I expect from an extended warranty. Thank you. And may Steve Jobs himself anoint you with warm fuzzies and golden iPods for your tech prowess."

Still, I'm going to take my ZipLock™ bag full of iPhone pieces to an Apple Retail store as soon as I can and take it up with the Genius Bar. They may take pitty on my soul.

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I feel your pain...
written by Cindy Roller , April 17, 2009
It may not have been a fancy iPhone (I'm still hanging on to the cel I got over 3 yrs ago) but a similiar injury occurred to me while on an adventure in the line of duty.
I managed to survive all year long, putting myself and my beloved Pentax camera in the most uncomfortable positions for the best angle for a photo I could get. And then it happened. I beknownest to me a rather large softball had a different destiny that fine Friday night--the top of my camera. Being the trooper it is and being compelled to complete my work, I finished the game. Photos seemed to be unaffected but the data screen was cracked something good. I did my research come to find out the part was $30 but the cost of a repair man to fix it and have it back the same day was a cool (almost) $200. Boy, did I learn my lesson the hard way. Never turn the other cheek...smilies/tongue.gif
My Pentax and I will live to photograph sports and more another day.
written by ladyfantastic , December 09, 2008
That is not a word. I'm 99% sure of it.

Also, I'm very, very sorry about the demise of your iPhone. As long as you don't ask the Genius Bar to recover some files from your harddrive, you probably won't get stared at like you've grown 8 heads. Best of luck to you.

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