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Home Blogs Hollywood Happenings The Hollywood Rundown Dec, 8, 2008

The Hollywood Rundown Dec, 8, 2008

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The Latest Hollywood Rundown



1) Heidi Montag’s mom gives her daughters marriage to Spencer Pratt “six months”. Six months?? I was thinking 3 months tops. The couple blew off Thanksgiving to go elope. I’m thinking this is more of a publicity stunt than anything. Her reunion with Lauren Conrad is a thing of the past and so she had to move onto something else to draw attention to herself. Who cares if they got married and what their plans for the future are.

2) Let me set the record straight for some of the Echo employees. Britney Spears is NOT joining the circus. Although if you just caught bits and pieces of the story on the radio you wouldn’t put it passed her. The pop star is attempting a comeback from a high-profile meltdown, which landebritneyd her in rehab and psychiatric hospitals. I haven’t heard the whole cd but from what I have heard so far it is not so bad. So maybe going on tour will keep her busy and she won’t have time to shave her head, but then again if she gets too busy she might forget to put her undies on!

Speaking of undies, that reminds me that Pam Anderson must be #3 on the rundown.



3) Did Pam Anderson’s alarm clock not go off in time for her to get dressed? pamela-anderson-art-1268-21

The blonde former playmate showed up to the Uber-posh art galley in her orange and black panties and an off-the-shoulder shirt. Seriously, do people think this is ok? Obviously she does.




heath4_gallery__262x4004) No one wants Heath Ledgers apartment, and do you blame them? The listing of the $26,000/month, loft where the actor died last January has been pulled off the market. I can’t believe the Olsen twins didn’t snatch it up. Something is very weird there with them and the death of Heath Ledger.




5) Paula Abdul has decided to sell her house after an obsessed fan killed herself not far from it. images

We can only hope Paula is looking to move to a foreign country far far away and not return to American Idol.

Check back often for run-downs and low-downs!!!

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