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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Dec. 16, 2009


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I visited with Bryant Fisher a few minutes this week, and he was on his way to a dairy meeting in Lubbock today. He was flying-out this morning and has plans to be back home on Thursday.

Bryant also allowed that Blake had been busy making sausage and that J.R. had made a trip to get some “exotic hogs.” It sounds like I’m going to have to make a trip down to the Fisher’s just to see the latest animals.

Speaking of Lubbock, Joyce McDonald and her family were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jacy Lawrence from Lubbock today (she’s likely to pass Bryant on the highway or at the airport). Jacy was headed to East Texas with a friend as soon as she completed her finals at Texas Tech to spend a few days of her Christmas holidays. They’re meeting Joyce and family and Danny and Shannon Lawrence and making plans to return to Muleshoe on Saturday. Her friend is from a cotton farming family on the High Plains, so things will look much different here in East Texas.

The “common ancestor” for the Reilly Springs community has finally arrived. Slayton Hugh McClendon finally made his appearance at 8:36 on Monday night. He weighed 8 pounds and 4.5 ounces and was welcomed by an army of family. “The poor little thing is ‘warped’ for life with all the people from Reilly Springs that he’s kin to,” expressed Yvonne King on Tuesday night.

Of course, the Millers think he looks like them, the McClendons think he looks like them, the McDonalds thinks he looks like them, and I’m sure the Prices are swearing that he’s a ‘pitting image of someone on their side of the family. Isn’t it great to have a new baby in the family?

Reports are that Lacey and Slayton are doing great and will be coming home today. Meanwhile, Ol’ Brent may have to take a few days off just to recuperate. Congratulations to all.

The Koons, the Lawrences, the DeWitts, and McDonalds will all be repeating the same ritual next week in Muleshoe when Baby Sam is due to arrive. Don’t you wonder just what these little boys would be saying if they could talk?

I heard from Rhandi Fails this week and she thinks that everyone on her list has been good enough for Santa Claus to come. On Saturday David and Debra Stribling went to Mesquite for some Christmas shopping and ate at Saltgrass.

Last Friday, Rhandi hosted her work Christmas party at her home, during the day and then enjoyed friends Brandon and Sara Price, who came over to watch the NFR with them on Friday night.

Santa Claus was actually in Reilly Springs for a “pre-Christmas” visit, on Sunday, when he came to “check his list twice” at Case Fails’ house. However, Case was reported to be a little bit scared of him and wasn’t too receptive. Just give him a year or two and he’s sure to get into the game.

Sympathy is also extended to the Fails family on the loss of Cody’s grandmother, Minnie Fails, who passed away this week at age 100.

Sympathy is also extended to the Gibson and Reed families, at the loss of their grandmother, Mrs. Laura Gibson, who passed away this weekend.

“About all I can say is that it sure is cold,” allowed Vera Harrington as she reported this week. “I can’t seem to keep warm this week.”

Vera reported that Charlie Garvin left for West Texas this week. He left on Tuesday, headed to make his new home in Midland near his family, and in time for the holidays.

Charlotte Burns, Vera’s granddaughter, had been sick with pneumonia, but is doing much better and was able to return to school this week for her final exams.

Folks, time is drawing nigh. Christmas is almost here. If you haven’t got that old cedar tree cut and the popcorn and cranberries strung, you’d better get started. In 10 days, it will all be a memory, except the wadded up wrapping paper and the leftover ham and turkey.

Like everyone else, I get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the season, but when you sit down and think about it, many times we all put ourselves through so much more stress than is actually necessary. It’s the special time spent with family and friends that make the most memorable times and the best holiday memories.

On Sunday, I was in church when the preacher quoted Psalms 46, where we’re reminded to “be still” and let God handle the problems in life. He’s big enough to take care of everything and does, regardless of all of our planning and our efforts. Ultimately, He gave us life, when we had no control over the situation and He’s going to decide when we leave this world. He’s fully capable of handling the situation, without our help.

It makes you stop and think just how silly it is to be worried about some of the trivial things, when you look at it like that. Doesn’t it?

Who really cares if the gift is wrapped just perfect? Will it really matter if you eat ham or turkey on Christmas day? What will it matter if you’re 10 minutes late or forgot the cherries for the fruit salad? Or, if your favorite Aunt Sally was in a bad mood and wasn’t her jovial self?

What are you going to do to make this holiday special? The greatest thing any of us can do is treasure the relationships that we’ve been afforded and count our blessings of really how truly we are blessed.

Well, all of the students in our community are counting the minutes until school is out for the Christmas holidays. And, what they don’t know is that the teachers are just as excited.

Can you remember the joy of having close to two weeks of “freedom” at Christmastime when you were a child? It was the greatest time of the year and so, so many special memories of times spent with friends, going to your grandparents for an extra dose of “spoiling,” and gifts that you’d anticipated for what seemed like a lifetime.

Let’s each of us make an effort to “capture” some of that magic and joy in our lives this Christmas. The best way to do it, is to spend some time with a child or with your grandparent or some other special person.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the Christmas season and the Many blessings that we share. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. Happy holidays.




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