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What Are Parents Doing These Days???

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What are parents, if you can all them that, doing these days?? Certainly not thinking that's for sure. The story I'm about to voice my opinion on may sicken some of you, it made me mad, sad, and confused all at the same time. I know that many of you don't want to read or hear about these types of horrible stories but the sad thing is that they're true. When I heard it on the radio last week as I was driving around town I just starting sobbing in my car and I drove and drove.. thinking and praying and feeling helpless. There are so many terrible things happening in this world and sadly, most of them can't be stopped.
When I heard about the 13 month old baby girl that was killed by her parents, beaten with a hammer and bitten more than 20 times, I felt sick to my stomach. The parents are the ones who called 911 because she wasn't breathing... what did they expect to happen... for her to bounce up and dance!!! This poor innocent child could not survive such violence, I very seriously doubt if many adults would recover completely. They claim the child was possessed by demons and they were trying to rid her of them. Sounds to me like they are the ones who were possessed!!! They even claim they'd hired someone to perform an exorcism on her although that hasn't been confirmed. Hhmmm, should we just believe them... it's not likely they'd make something like that up.... Yeah Right!!! The parents, when questioned, gave several different stories about how the baby girl obtained the injuries.. WHAT COWARDS!!! The children are the victims of these horrible acts of violence and the so-called parents actually try to defend themselves and make excuses as to why they harmed or killed their child. There is NO excuse, just the explanation that they themselves are heartless, evil people! There is nothing a child could ever do that would warrant such a heinous act.

If u can't be a good parent, give your child to someone who will. There are many couples out there waiting, praying for a child to love.
For those of you who are parents, I urge to look at children today... watch them, study them, enjoy them & thank the Lord that you have them and they are safe.

Also, especially in the Christmas season, teach your children to be thankful for what they have, they could live in an abusive home or be like some kids whose only nourishment for the day is the food they are served at lunch at school.
Sometimes we get so caught up in the things we DON'T have, that we forget to see all the things we DO have.
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written by Tiffany , January 26, 2009
I must say that every single time I hear or read about abused children, I want to scream. The depraved people who abuse and mistreat their children should suffer. I know this sounds bad, that justice is through the system and blah blah blah. But what justice has that child had? Yes, I believe that those parents should be beaten with a hammer and forced to feel what that poor baby felt. Instead they'll probably get a few years in jail and parole out and have MORE children. What is really sad is that, thankfully, even criminals don't like children killers and they tend to deal with those people swiftly. I must say I love my children with every breath in my body and it sickens me to know what might be happening down the road or in my town. So I watch every child I see at Wal-Mart or in the general public and im hoping someone is watching mine too.

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