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What does one write on the eve of this nation’s annual Thanksgiving celebration? Mere words seem inadequate to express the thankfulness that we should all have for the blessings we enjoy. Certainly, this country has many obstacles facing it, and these aren’t the best of the times economically for many residents of this land. But we still live in the most blessed nation in the world; we have the opportunity to express our freedoms of ideas and religion; and we still maintain a position in the world where the average person is not fearful of harm or government intervention into their lives.

We need to all sit down and say a loud and clear “Thank You” for being so blessed. Do you ever wonder just how very fortunate we were to be born in America? Do you ever realize just how fortunate you were to be born during these times of prosperity in this country?

Recently, I’ve been doing some research for a possible book, that has a setting in the 1920s and 1930s, right here in Texas. Folks, we haven’t got a clue of what life was like in this country 80 to 90 years ago. We live in great times, and I fear many times we take it for granted.

Let’s all pause long enough from stuffing our faces and thank the good Lord for how richly he has blessed us. We live in a community with friends and neighbors that we know, respect, and love; we live in warm houses, and most of us have space to enjoy nature; and we are free to pursue our passions, while many people around the world are in constant fear for their lives and wondering where the next meal might come from.

Doesn’t it make you feel guilt for “quibbling” over the store not having the right brand of bread or the particular can of vegetables that you prefer? We’re ultimately spoiled and should reflect on just how blessed we really are.

Most of the people in the Reilly Springs community have been so busy this week making preparations for Thanksgiving that they’ve failed to report any news. They only report that they’re planning a great day with family and friends, either in their home or with someone else.

This is wishing each of you a very happy Thanksgiving and asking you to reflect on the true blessings in life.

Of course, we’d be remise not to wish for a win on Friday night by the Wildcats, in Mesquite, and to congratulate them on the great victory last weekend in Corsicana.

And hats are off to Dawn Doyle and her outstanding students, who presented a wonderful production of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Until next week, please remember our soldiers who are defending our very freedoms and making our celebrations possible. Ask for them extra protection and a safe trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America. Happy Thanksgiving!




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