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Anticipating 'New Moon'

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Thursday night promises to be quite the occasion for ladies young and old, as the second movie in the saga based on Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” books premiers at midnight.

I’ll admit, I’m curious, and until the last month or so was really looking forward to watching it. I saw the first movie begrudgingly at the behest of my fella, who like me has a thing for most things vampire. He was just curious and since a cousin had read it and enjoyed it, he had to see it. He really liked it and insisted I see it. He even began pumping some of the girls he works with for details about the “Twilight” series as he’d heard ad nauseam  from them how excited they were each time one of the new books came out.

So, after listening to my guy go on and on about “Twilight,” I finally agreed to watch it. I had steered clear of the series, just because of all the hype among the teens about the movie and books.

Some days I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better if I’d continued to hold out on the movie. I saw it, and liked it, but was intrigued by the characters. The script left you wanting more, and lead me to believe there were important things left out.

So, I decided to go straight to the source and see what I was missing. Being the book worm and vamp fan that I am, I figured I’d read the book and get “the rest” of the story.

(I have been reading vampire books since the early 1990s. Thank you, Maggie Shayne, for your “Wings in the Night” series which got me hooked on vamps. I will admit I enjoyed watching “Interview with a Vampire” — how could I not with so many hot hunks of the day in it — a friend had the book and insisted I HAD to read it. I never got into the rest of Ann Rice’s books, so I stuck to the movies from that set.)

As for the “Twilight” saga, I’d been offered the books to read previously from friends, but had declined due to the pop culture teen craziness that surrounded the.

After watching the movie, however, I wasn’t satisfied to wait for friends to finish the copies they’d borrowed from other friends, so I bought the first book.  I was hooked from the get go, and had to have the next book as soon as I completed each in the four-part “Twilight” saga.

That’s not to say that I didn’t mutter ugly things out of anger at vamp Edward “The Cullen” for not listening to anyone when they told him his love interest, human Bella wouldn’t be better off without him. As Bella suffered physical ache from his loss, at one point was catatonic and was at one point arguably suicidal (I don’t think she actually wanted to kill herself, just the “feeling” from the adrenaline which induced hallucinations of her missing beau) I yelled at him and even threw the book down, disgusted and promising I wouldn’t read the rest of it.

But, of course, curiosity kept me going back for more each time. I cheered when Bella found a friend who made her feel alive again, and was there for everything. Loyal as the dog he turns out to be, I just couldn’t help but fall a little bit for Jacob. I want a best friend like that! Okay, maybe without the dog odor (I’m a total cat person), but still. The kid in the movie had it down to a “t.”

The fact that I quickly figured out the actor had played in “Sharkboy” from one of my son’s favorite movies, “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl,” which was witty and fun, made me smile all the more.

I followed Bella, Edward and Jacob through the next two books, “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn.” I almost quit during “Eclipse” just out of pure frustration with Bella for stringing mortal enemies, vamp Edward and wolf Jake, along. So wishy washy. Only in teen drama! But, Stephenie Meyer did it so well, I felt like I was there.

A friend convinced me to keep reading. I did and wasn’t quite sure what I thought of the series after that — it was not what I’d expected that’s for sure. After rereading the entire series, I decided I love it, but I would have cut down the second and third books, and I still think the overall ending is a bit odd.

By the time it was over, I was to my friends that obnoxious girl who went on and one about the “Twilight” books. I read all of the out-takes and info on Meyer’s website, as well as any additional information I could get my hands on about the upcoming movie, “New Moon,” which premiers at midnight Thursday here as well as in theaters across the country and world.

The hype was huge during the spring and summer, but quickly got out of hand, with girls going crazy for a glimpse of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I feel for the kids, they’re young and every step they make is under a microscope. The furor had cooled down by the time each had filmed another movie and were back filming “Eclipse” (which has now wrapped and is in post production development).

The more I see of the trailers — yes, I admit to watching a few awards shows to see the next installment or just waiting until they were posted online immediately after they aired — the more apprehensive I am about watching “New Moon.”

Granted, from trailer one on June 1 to the current trailer that’s airing on most TV channels, the computer-generated images and special effects have improved tremendously. The sound is even on track with the film. The Wolf Pack is much more in line with what Meyer wrote, but I’m still not sold on ‘em. Call me funny, but I buy the bad make-up in the first movie (they were blue and green, for goodness sake) better than the eerily fake wolves I’ve seen on trailers thus far.

“New Moon” is so much darker than “Twilight,” and I already see scenes that aren’t in line with the book, like fights thrown in for ratings. I’m just not convinced I’m going to love the new movie.

Meyer, in an interview recently and on her website (see the Nov. 16 posting on http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/), seems to think the “New Moon” movie is going to blow us out of the water, but I’m not sold yet.

Usually, I watch the movies before reading the books they’re based on. If I don’t, I usually spend the whole time put out that it strayed so far from the original that I can’t enjoy the  movie. The bookworm and writer in me is rebelling. I guess.

Anyway, I’m hoping that director Chris Weitz is the miracle worker they all tout him to be, and that the movie is as wonderful as the hype. And a lot of other people are hoping the same thing, too. Both theaters showing the midnight premier here Thursday have been sold out for a while now, and I know of adult women much more mature in years than I who ordered their tickets as many as three weeks, and nearly two months ago when it first was listed on the theater’s website.

I’m not expecting to be able to see the premiere at midnight — not the best idea to drag an 11-year-old boy to a movie in the middle of the night on a school night, especially a kid that’s by no stretch a morning person. But, maybe my younger unattached coworker will. He tells me he hated the first movie but is really excited about this one. Maybe I’ll get to see it this weekend? That’s the plan anyway.

For the full impact, sit in for both the special 9 p.m. Thursday showing of “Twilight” then the 12:01 a.m. showing of “New Moon.”

For those who get to go Thursday, drop a few lines in the forum or reply on our website, myssenews.com, to this post.

For movie times at Starplex Cinemas check out the News-Telegram daily, or go online to http://www.starplexcinemas.com and select the Sulphur Springs location.

For more about the “Twilight” books and author’s take on the movie, visit http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/

For movie trailers and other related materials, go to http://www.summit-ent.com/  or http://www.newmoonthemovie.com/

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