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Dr. Cosby is the greatest medicine...

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Last night I had the liberty to see one of the most touching tributes to a comedian that I have ever witnessed.

Bill Cosby received the Mark Twain Prize, and it aired on PBS. If you have never seen any of Cosby’s work, stop reading this and go out and rent one of his videos or read one of his books. Or come borrow mine. I am pretty sure he was a fly on our wall when he came up with the material for Bill Cosby: Himself. He is not only intelligent and self-made, but extremely funny. The show was made even more funny with hosts like Jerry Seinfield and others. Cosby is one of the greatest, I think even more so in this day and age when parents have to censor so much of what is on television. He is honest—honestly funny. I think my ultimate favorite is when Cosby tells the chocolate cake story. I laugh so hard, tears come to my eyes…What is it they say, laughter is the best medicine!


To see more on this go to the PBS website at:


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written by ArtsJunkie , November 05, 2009
I watched this, too, Cindy. So good. Love the chocolate cake number. It was a very classy tribute.

Loved the musical number with Wynton Marsalis and Willie Nelson ... and a great solo by Mickey Raphael, Nelson's harmonica player.

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