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Trick OR Treat?

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Well, that famous spooky holiday—Halloween—has come and gone. And I am so glad.

Is it just me or is this a holiday for parents with extreme amounts of patience? Normally, I would fall into that category but after working all day long and making a last minute trip to Wal-Mart I was ready just to collapse and enjoy some Big 12 football.

But really, what I didn’t know is that the night had a few tricks in store for me. So our plan was to head out down our street and hit the neighbors before 6 p.m.

At 5 p.m. I started to prep our Hershey’s Kiss, Wonder Woman, and Megatron for their forthcoming adventure. In effort to give them all special attention, I sprayed the youngest with glitter hairspray to match her costume. I have to admit it was fun getting all glittered and glammed up. Then, it was onto Wonder Woman to who insisted on staying true to character by wanting her beautiful blonde hair turned jet black (thus explaining the Wal-Mart excursion).
Back in the Hall of Justice (as known as our master bathroom), we started in with the first can of black hairspray, and it covered pretty good. She wanted more so onto the next can. Little did I know the black mist of paint had been descending itself over every surface, and it must have been creating a heavy fog (a decision I would pay for later!).

Megatron was a cinch compared to the other two—step into costume, slip on mask. And we were ready to go (after groaning about posing for photos)…

The Hershey’s Kiss (that had been recycled from big sister) was a huge hit. “Sweet enough to eat!” some said. And to think I didn’t spend a dime on that one! After some success, we all hopped in the car and ventured the packed streets of Sulphur Springs. It was no secret where the good candy was! After a few streets, my better half (a longhorn fan) called a timeout for game time. So I was back out on my own with my crew. While waiting in the car while my little spooks hit a few houses, I sent out text messages and emails to our family from my phone so they could see them too.

Sitting alone in my car on a dark street came my reply. To my surprise, I got the scariest reply—ever.

This was how their Granddaddy Tony Smith was greeting trick ’o treaters in Colleyville. After jumping out of my skin, I told him that he won! He got me. I’m sure it was a plot to save all that candy for himself! Note to self: remember this for next year.

After it started to get cooler, the kids were ready to check it in. Relieved to be home and the kids were excited that we had trick ’o treaters of our own. Just as the holiday commercial goes, I really didn’t want to give away all our Reese’s candy.

My next trick—was getting the black out of Wonder Woman’s hair. Well, that really wasn’t hard with shampoo. But it was on her feet, hands, legs, and ears. I know this because we have white counters and floors. It took a bucket of bleach water and two mops to remove the mess. Like a real gobblin, her every step could still be traced. After mopping and wiping, four different times, I was wishing we had gone outside for her initial coloring and that I had hosed her off when we got back. It was crazy. Next time I will invest in a wig. This was one for the books or a blog in this case. A lesson learned…

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written by a guest , November 02, 2009
I could have told you about the Hairspray being a bad idea. I had to dye my hair black for a school musical one year and instead of doing the permanent thing (and risking my hair turned a shade not too flattering on me forever) I chose the hairspray. Only in my hair it took about 7 lather rinse repeats, and it had lefts a nice stain on the bottom of the bathtub for a while. So moral of the story, wigs are always better.
written by a guest , November 02, 2009
I had to tell him to take the mask off before he terrorized small children. I kept myself normally dressed to calm some of the tikes and to hold on to Earl who wanted to sniff all the kids & candy...

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