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So I am going to put everyone’s mind at ease. It has been said—Americans are totally annoyed by the use of “whatever” in conversations.

I recently read reports that 47 percent of Americans surveyed in a Marist College poll released agreed that the most popular slacker term of indifference or “whatever” was nominated at the “most annoying in conversation.”

Pronounced “WHAT'-ehv-errr” when exasperated – is an expression with staying power. It easily beat out “you know,” “anyway,” “it is what it is,” and “at the end of the day.”

Most might recall it from the movie, “Clueless” made popular in 1991.

The poll found "whatever" to be consistently disliked by Americans regardless of their race, gender, age, income or where they live.

It can be an all-purpose argument-ender or a signal of apathy.

So I felt compelled to pass this tidbit of information on to others. I know everyone will sleep better knowing this or “whatever!”

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