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Give grace to Mommy…

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Well, after battling with every other symptom but the flu with our four kids these past few weeks, I have to give grace to all the other moms (and dads alike) that have been affected by what comes with the season.


Yes, the leaves turn beautiful colors and the weather becomes cooler and inevitably the entire community comes down with some kind of yuck. I’m sure you all know what I mean. (I will spare everyone the details.)

And this year to complicate things, we have the ever-wonderful swine flu to be worried about too. Oh, and even better, some reports that the swine flu shot is not safe either. Will this fun ever end? But really, it is not laughing matter. Watching the news, seeing young children dying and more predicted to is terrifying.

My younger sister, who is due with her fifth, has already sworn that she isn’t leaving the confinement of her four walls for the next year! Good luck with that one. There isn’t a pantry big enough or a freezer deep enough to hold food for her crew that long.

So to those of you out there that haven’t been exposed to all this “FUN,” count your lucky stars and say your prayers because I found knockin’ on wood doesn’t work.



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