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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Oct. 7, 2009


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The main subject being discussed around our community this week, has been the cooler weather and another siege of rain. Really, we haven’t gotten that much rain, but it has just been damp and caused the cooler temperatures to seem colder. Folks, it even got so cool that I pulled out my long pants this week. Winter is truly on its way.

Many in our community gathered on Saturday at the Indian Summer Days, in Heritage Park to enjoy some fine Dutch oven cooking. Some of the best food around was served on Saturday. I spied Roy and Yvonne King in the crowd, and they had their grandson, Levi, with them. According to Yvonne, they took Levi on “quite a Hopkins County trip” on Saturday. They had about four or five places they had to go and they took him with them everywhere. They finished the night at the St. James Catholic Church dinner, and Little Levi was “one tired little puppy” after a day of traveling with his grandparents. I asked Yvonne what her grandmother would have thought of the day that she’d spent with her grandson. Remember, a visit to our grandparent’s house was more like spending a day making mud pies beside the front porch, and a “trip” was going to gather the eggs at the chicken house or possibly a trip to the country store. Times have definitely changed.

Speaking of grandparents, I had the pure joy of attending a birthday party on Saturday for my own grandmother, Mrs. Elma Crouch, who celebrated her 98th birthday on Monday. “Mam-Ma” was born on October 5, 1911. Can you imagine the many changes that she’s seen in this old world? She was married on her 18th birthday, October 5, 1929, and she and Pap-Pa were able to celebrate 60 years of married life before he passed away in 1989.

There was loads of family and many cards for Mam-Ma on Saturday, as her great-great-grandchildren delighted her with their presence. It was a great day for her and a well-deserved honor for a great, great lady.

And, yes, I made many mud pies on her front porch and decorated them with “china berries,” as well as spending countless hours listening to her tell about “cotton picks,” her family playing for the weekend dances in West Texas, and the family traveling to Central Texas to cut cedar posts in the “cedar brakes” during the Great Depression. I’ve also heard her recount the conditions during the 1918 flu epidemic, when most of her family took the flu and neighbors would bring food to the front gate but were afraid to come into the house. However, all of them survived the epidemic and had some “home remedies” that must have been mighty powerful. (My grandmother and great-grandmother both swore by Vick’s Salve.)

I visited with Vera Harrington a few minutes this week. She’d received a visit from her friend Mary Lou Allen, and they’d enjoyed spending a few days together. Vera also mentioned that she’d been to Waxahachie and taken a tour of the Old Rogers Hotel in downtown Waxahachie. The hotel has been bought by Vera’s son-in-law, Larry Burns, and some partners, and they are converting the historic hotel into offices, small businesses, and even a barber shop and coffee shop. Next time you are in Waxahachie, drop by for a visit and see the progress that is being made.

While Vera was in Waxahachie, she also visited with Mitzi and brought the “Reilly Springs Tree Trimming Crew” to aid Mitzi in getting some trees trimmed in her yard. “I can now see my yard and enjoy the foxes,” says Mitzi.

Mitzi lives in a wooded area and enjoys seeing a family of foxes near her home. There is an adult, two young ones from last year, and then two babies from this year. “It’s neat to watch them from your window as they play up and down the creek behind the house,” Mitzi says. “I can sit at my back window and watch them as I enjoy coffee of a morning.”

On a great note, Delores Miller had her surgery on Monday, and was on her way home on Tuesday. You can’t keep a good woman down! I have to share her attitude with you. Kari, her granddaughter, called from Mississippi on Monday afternoon to see how things went with the surgery, and Delores quipped, “I’m doing fine, and by the time I see you again, I’m certain I’ll look like Dolly Parton.”

With an attitude like that, we all know that Delores is already 75 percent of the way on the road to recovery.

The Reilly Springs Supper Club met at Pizza Inn on Saturday, and Marilee Fisher advised that her house remodeling project was about to be completed. Blake says she has pink walls, but she corrected him and said they were “rose.”

Marilee also advised that she’d soon have a giant garage sale, as she was conducting a massive cleaning effort with her remodeling. Of course, Bryant suddenly was getting concerned that she might have gotten something good in the effort.

Marilee is also looking for a hot tub. If anyone has a used one that they no longer need, give Marilee a call.

J.R. Fisher advised us that he was still enjoying his student teaching in Winnsboro. “I’m having to work real hard to keep ahead of the kids,” said J.R. “But that’s part of the fun of it.”

Meanwhile, Kendra Dannheim was unable to attend Monday night’s affair, as this is homecoming week in Cumby and she was getting things ready for the big parade that will be conducted tonight.

Joyce McDonald had visitors from Muleshoe this past week, when Abby and Kobie Kirby and Jan Lawrence were here. They also brought Landri Lawrence, who ate supper with them all last Wednesday night, then spent the weekend with Jana and Weldon DeWitt. Then, Jandi Lawrence arrived with some of her friends and they all made a weekend of Canton Trades Day.

Jana DeWitt, Landri Lawrence and Beckie Berry all attended the “Mary Poppins” production at the State Fair Music Hall on Thursday night, and Landri reported that it was a great show.

Speaking of the State Fair, I went last Thursday. Many of the youths in Hopkins County were at the State Fair last week showing livestock, and many more will be there this week showing their dairy animals.

The State Fair of Texas is a wonderful experience, especially when you can go at your own pace and sit down and rest, when you want to. (Is it a sign that you are getting older when you prefer the livestock barns and the exhibit halls much more than the Midway?) I really enjoyed the photography, household arts and Texas Food and Fiber exhibits. Of course, it wouldn’t be a day at the fair without sampling a Fletcher’s Corny Dog and buying a little bit of salt water taffy to eat on the way home.

Strangely, with all the hype about the fried butter that was being served this year, I was unable to locate it. It wasn’t that I thought I would like it, but I thought I should try it just to see what it tasted like.

Congratulations to all the local youths who have won prizes at the state fair, and best of luck to those in the dairy show this week.

Speaking of fairs and exhibits, the Tyler Rose Festival is this weekend. That’s a wonderful place to go and see if you haven’t been or if it’s been a long time.

Until next week, enjoy the many opportunities to get out and go somewhere that is enjoyable, and with the cooler temperatures, it is even more pleasant. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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