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Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs review

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I saw a cut movie this weekend with my son. As a family movie with a moral, I highly recommend it. Just keep in mind that it's animated, not real, then sit back and enjoy the hilarity.

I'd heard of the book from which the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" was based years ago, but had never made the effort. Seemed too silly at the time I guess. After seeing the movie version of the tale, it makes me wonder if maybe I didn't miss out on something. I mean I've always loved to read and enjoy a good laugh any day. So, maybe my son will have to get it for a good deed? ... Just a thought.

It not only touches on the plight of a very intelligent boy, Flint, and later a girl named Sam Sparks who handle others aversion to what they don't understand in entirely different ways at different points in their life. This also covers a very manly working father's difficulty in expressing his feelings for his son, able to give advice only in old fish adages. The two central characters in the movie at different points give in to popularity, instead of staying true to themselves. Luckily the brilliant duo, aided by his best friend who just happens to be a monkey named Steve and a few other kooky characters, managed to save the world from his out of control invention. Lessons include being true to yourself, that just because you can doesn't mean you should, you can't and shouldn't try to please everyone, popularity comes at a price, we all have a purpose and talents and shouldn't hide that light but employ them in a useful manner.

The monkey Steve is funny, add in a dude who goes from being the mayor's "metaphoric" son to nobody then a dude fighting off the evil food inside a huge headless chicken, a renaissance doctor who appears out of nowhere and a family-oriented cop who picks on those he doesn't "get" but redeems himself in the end. The infamous Mr. T lends his voice tale to the muscle bound cop, for an overall delightfully reformed character.

One of my favorite scenes in the whole movies is the Jell-O castle, made by Flint using his invention that changes water into food and revolutionizes Sardine Falls. Flint and Sam laugh, they have fun, they share. She puts on her glasses and really “sees” things clearly for the first time in a long time, and is more impressed with the castle and the basic molecular structure and composition of Jell-O than she is concerned that her hair's being held back in a ponytail with a gelatin scruchie.

The spaghetti twisters were also quite impressive. The chicken fight was hilarious. I held my breath at the end of the movie as the mission to install the "kill code" is successful ... kind of, but the weather chick has to explain to Flint's dad that the aircraft returned one person short of the original crew. The licorice rope ... Twizzlers or something of the sort ... was great. The craziness for Flint to try to meet everyone's demands of menu choice, I could totally relate to — who hasn’t felt the pressure of trying to do everything and keep everyone in your personal and work life happy? It’s a tough juggling act! Like all of us, Flint had to learn priorities and to prioritize.

The things that I kept going back to though were how giant loaded sandwiches and pizza slices stayed afloat as boats and how the giant mountain of discarded food wasn't totally nasty and stinky beyond the point of tolerance. Yeah, I know, it’s ludicrous to question this and accept food falling from the sky and food storms but, again... they were just some of those things the small logical part of my brain couldn’t overcome.

Overall, I'd say “Cloudy” was a cute movie that makes a good family outing, and better yet can be seen right here in Sulphur Springs at Starplex Cinema 6, at least through Thursday, Oct. 15, according to the cinema website.

I’m not that biggest fan of 3-D, just have yet to see any of it that completely WOW!s me, but to each her own. I liked this one.

Now, I wonder what the improved digital 3-D releases of Toy Story are like. Can't imagine the metal spider toy with the doll head in 3-D. It was creepy enough at the theater the first time! But, as my son reminded me yesterday, the company's only showing it in theaters for two weeks, then it's back in the vault, or some such thing.

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