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Brashear News Dec. 3, 2008

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Well, Thanksgiving is over and I may have survived not gaining too much weight. How about you?

I would like to express a Great Big Thank You to all of you who helped out the Smith family this past week. Jeff, Pam and Zach Shepherd came by and dropped off some clothes for their children. Nina Post and Marie Bramlett from the Second Look ReSale Shop donated several items of clothing to help out the family. Jamie Young also contributed some girl clothes. We are all so lucky to live in an area that helps others. With the holiday season coming soon, let’s not forget that — remember the reason for the season.

When visiting with Nina Post, she showed me a scrapbook from the 1947 Eagle Baseball Team from Sulphur Springs. Her father, R.J. Pierce, was a pitcher for the team. This is a very fragile scrapbook but she is willing to let anyone come by and look at the album. You might find some family member mentioned. She did find out that “Leather Eye” Stewart played third base and shortstop and was the team’s batting champion in 1947. You can find Nina at the Second Look Shop in the mall. The number is 903-439-0325, so just call. Here is a list of team names and their position: Gregg, first base; Looney, catcher; Stewart, shortstop; Ramey, third base; Morrison, left field; White, right field; Williams, second base; McGrady, center field; and Pierce, pitcher. I bet a lot of you did not know that someone in your family played ball for the Sulphur Springs Eagles.

Also, when I was visiting with Nina Post, she told me that her father was an orphan that rode the Orphan Train from New York to be adopted down here in Texas. Does anyone know where I can find out information about the “Orphan Train”?

Well, the Wildcats won another one, and they are heading off to Texas Stadium on Friday night to play the Rockwall Heath Hawks. Let’s show them we know how to play ball here in East Texas. Go Wildcats! Keep up the good work.

In talking to Marie about the Smith’s house burning, she asked me to ask them if they knew about the ghost in their house. Marie told me that several people who had lived there had experienced a presence that moved things around in the house. I then asked Casi if she had experienced something like that. She said that explained a lot because she would leave something out and then couldn’t find it later. Has anyone else had similar experiences in that house or their own house? Let me know. I am curious about the supernatural.

I have been very fortunate because of collecting things for the Smiths; I have met several more people around Brashear. I now know Joanne and Randy Potter on U.S. Highway 67 that we pass ever yday on our way home. Next time you are heading into downtown Brashear, be sure and notice the beautiful decorating that they have done for the Christmas season.

I feel that we should all try and get out and meet our neighbors. We never know when they may need our help or we may need theirs.

While attending the “Plaid Tidings” play on Sunday, I visited with Martha Hatcher. She told me she likes to read about Brashear News because her parents lived across from the Divide Church. I am finding out that more and more people came from Brashear.

Don’t forget to visit, write, call 903-612-8806, or e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We want to wish all of you the best this week and until next week, “Take care and be thankful for everything you have.”




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