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Hormones Cannot Be Trusted!

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Dear Delores:

I'm 22 and just got out of a four year relationship (she broke up with me) it's been a few months and I have been hanging out more with girls and friends I used to hang out with in high school, who were also relatively close with my ex. The past few weeks I have gotten a lot closer to one girl in particular and think I may be having feelings for her. I didn't think I would ever feel at all again after my girlfriend left me and it's almost refreshing to have these feelings for this girl. I am unaware if she has feelings for me like I think I do. This past weekend we drank a bit too much and things got a little hot and heavy. The same thing happened the following night which leads me to believe she might. The thing is that I don't want to make things awkward and tell her how I feel because she is such a close friend and I'm not too sure if she even feels that way. Also she was in a longer term relationship with a guy I knew and we sort of talked about how she wouldn't want them hooking up, kind of hinting towards us but this was before we actually did. I have sort of talked to a close mutual friend about how I feel and she didn't really have much to say except how it would be weird to talk to her about if she had feelings for me because they were friends with my ex. I just don't know what to do, I'm trying to just tally it up to the first cool girl that came along after my ex and a few drunk nights but I can't get her out of my head. Please help.

Sounds like everyone is friends with everyone and I can see how you would be confused. I, however, and not confused. Just because a girl gets drunk with you


and things get a little "hot and heavy" doesn't mean there are any feelings to build a serious relationship on. You will probably encounter several of that type of girl as time goes on. You both have "feelings" no doubt, the hormonal kind! Asking other people to find out what this girl feels for you is so third grade and you are apparently still too immature for a committed relationship. Always remember, the "little brain" will deceive you every time!


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