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Every year, Mr. Echo and the minions look for "The Show." We've brought you "24" and "Heroes" and "Lost" in the past, making life just a little sweeter for the TV junkies out there. This September, we've searched high and low, far and wide, on top and on bottom for the next "big" show.

We've found it with ABC's "Flash Forward."

The premise of "Flash Forward" is that everyone in the world passes out at the exact same moment due to some mysterious global event. But this isn't just some ordinary blackout - the world's population gets a glimpse of its collective future while hugging the ground. Why did it happen? And will the futures become fulfilled -- or can they be avoided.

Join us Thursday at 7 p.m. on ABC for this year's great adventure and we'll figure out this mystery together.

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Lot 49
3+ Years!
written by Lot 49 , May 22, 2013
Most recent post in 2009? Where has Mr. Echo gone??

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