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Play or Bench?

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Just a quick rundown on Week 2 suggestions: If you are looking for advice on guys such as Brees, Peterson and Wayne, the answer is simple: Give up fantasy football! If you don't know to start them every week, then you don't need to be playing.


Start: Brett Favre (Minn.): Don't expect Favre to throw for 300 yards or 6 TDs against the Lions (it's been several years since Brett was playing like Brees), but this secondary is so bad, Favre getting two TDs through the air is almost a given. He's worth a shot if you don't own Brees, Rodgers or Brady.

Bench: Carson Palmer (Cinc.): Palmer is due for a bounce-back year, but he's still not very mobile, his OL is weak and the Packers have a relentless pass rush. That's not a good combination. Sit him if you have a better option.


Start: Chris Johnson (Tenn.): He had a poor first week, but Johnson averaged 4.8 ypc against the Texans last year and you can bet the Titans' offense will pick back up this week.

Bench: Reggie Bush (N.O.): Even with Pierre Thomas out of the picture, Bush lost the majority of carries to Mike Bell. That's not a good sign.


Start: Roy Williams (Dal.): Roy went off last week, which means his confidence is high - and his fellow UT alum Aaron Ross is expected to be out this week. It's a good combination. Expect another big game.

Bench: DeSean Jackson (Phil.): Jackson is a breakout candidate this season, but that is with McNabb on the field. With Kevin Kolb likely to be the Philly QB this week, Jackson is just too risky to play.


Start: Visanthe Shiancoe (Minn.): The Lions gave up two TDs to tight ends last week. Maybe you should just start whoever they are playing each week.

Bench: Anthony Fasano (Miami): Some thought Fasano might break out this year. But he stunk it up in Week 1 with two fumbles and you really can't count on him till he proves something different.


Start: Minnesota: The Vikings D-line against a rookie QB playing behind a weak offensive line. What is not to like here?

Bench: Arizona: We aren't buying the Card defense this season. If you have to start them, search the waiver wire.


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