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The topic of conversation in Reilly Springs this week is all the rain. At last count, reports are of approximately 5 1/2 inches over the weekend and the first part of this week. “Things are just a tad bit slippery,” said Blake Fisher as he attempted to put out feed on the dairy. “We needed the rain to get the winter pasture up, but I’m about ready for it to let up, for a few days and see some sunshine.”

We’ve really been blessed, despite all the mud. Usually at this time of year we’re praying for a little moisture to sprout the winter pastures. Several in our community already had theirs planted, and conditions were ideal for getting it growing well.

Winter pasture isn’t the only thing helped by the rain. J.R. Fisher reported that his “fall crop” of peas is ready and he started picking this morning. If you thought it was too hot to get yours back in the summer, now’s the time to give them a call and get some of this new crop.

Haven’t the mornings been nice, with cool and damp temperatures?

It looks like the rain is scheduled to clear out for a wonderful Hopkins County Stew Contest on Saturday. Forecasters predict the temperatures will be “stew weather” levels, and many in our community are gathering ingredients and getting ready for the contest. Make plans to drop by Tonya and James Ross’ camp and cheer them on.

Enola Gay planning on decorating her campsite like “Ol’ Time Reilly Springs.” She plans on having a replica of the Reilly Springs General Store and “broadcast” the Shelton Brothers playing from her campsite. Sounds like some memories are in store at her site.

I’ve observed many from this community taking part in the 40th Annual Fall Festival. Yvonne and Roy King both rode in Saturday’s Fall Festival Parade and Yvonne’s escort was none other than Delores Miller. They braved the rain and made the complete parade route. And, of course, Roy is a former Fall Festival Chairman and was featured as one of the parade marshals.

Some in our community participated in the Livestock Show held in the Hopkins County Civic Center Saturday. Our own Rodney Miller, along with his partner, Turk Morgan, were named the 42 Tournament Champions that afternoon. They defead Junior Hinton and his partner, Larry Fite, in the Championship rfound. Who said folks from Reilly Springs couldn’t play 42?

I visited with Scotty Reed for a few minutes on Saturday, as he played in the tournament and he reported that he’d received an adequate amount of rainfall on his dairy and that “things were beginning to get muddy, around his place.”

Delores Miller was just one of our residents that chose to enjoy a wonderful 30th Annual Gospel SongFest8 on Saturday afternoon. The show was outstanding and our friends Buddy and Ina Gore were recognized for 30 years of service to the Fall Festival and Song Fest. Some great gospel songs were enjoyed by all.

I visited with Vera Harrington for a few minutes on Tuesday, as she had returned home from Waxahachie to attend Grandparent’s Day activities with little Charlotte at her school. Vera reported that she was really glad she had made the trip in the rain, as Charlotte was so appreciative, when she looked up and saw her there. IIt seems that Charlotte had cried on her way to school when she thought Vera wasn’t coming. Mary had tried to console her and tell her that she’d be there, butCharlotte had cried, “No, it’s supposed to be for people that are really, really old!”

Vera reported having trouble getting some hay baled with all the rain, but was thankful for it as well. “You’ve got to have rain to make forage and we’ve certainly had a very good year thus far,” reported Vera. “Seldom are we sitting at the middle of September with everything green and plenty of hay made for the season. We’ve been very, very fortunate this year.”

Joyce McDonald had a doctor’s appointment in Dallas on Tuesday and was accompanied by Judy Jones. Joyce reports a “great report” and not having to go back until January.

Marilee Fisher reported a great birthday, one that was quiet and peaceful. Friends Brenda Allen, Vonda Hopkins and B.J. Hooten took her out to eat at the Italian food place on Lake Fork. Happy birthday, Marilee.

J.R. Fisher has started his student teaching at Winnsboro High School in the vocational agriculture department and continues to pursue his master’s degree at Texas A&M University-Commerce, in-between farm chores.

In visiting with Blake Fisher this week, he reported that they continue to work on the dairy barn transition and that hopefully they will have all of the cows moved shortly. “We still have some stantion modifications that must be made on one side of the barn, but we’ve got one side operational and continue to milk on it,” reported Blake. “Construction projects always take longer than you think.”

Marilee and her friend Vicki Vaughn have plans to be exhibitors at the Hopkins County Fall Festival as they promote their soap products from a booth. Go by and visit with them and sample some of the Reilly Springs products.

Marilee also reported that the home remodeling project is progressing nicely, but, she’s about ready for it to be completed.

I haven’t heard from the Striblings this week. They must still be “wagon shopping” for next year’s Chuck Wagon Races in Arkansas. Look for a full report when they get their wagon. Who knowshey may be offering “a spin” around Reilly Springs, as they break the mules.

I spied Luke and Drake Smith from over in the neighboring Seymore Communit, at Tuesday night’s Tractor Driving Contest and Calf Scramble. Luke won third place in the FFA Tractor Driving Contest and Drake took second in the Calf Scramble. Congratulations, Luke and Drake!.

The Calf Scramble “got a little bit wild” when one of the Cover Girl contestants got “ran over” by a calf. Reports are that she was sore on Wednesday morning, but nothing was broken. Congratulations to all the Cover Girls and best of luck in their competition.

This being the 40th anniversary of the Fall Festival and with the Tractor Driving Contest having been a part of it all from the beginning, it was only fitting and proper that it was some of the best driving ever. Not one of the contestants or Cover Girls “knocked down a pole.” It gives you hope that possibly the young drivers may have improved skills?

Some in our community are looking forward to the upcoming State Fair of Texas. The State Fair will open on Sept. 25 with many youths from Hopkins County making plans to exhibit livestock and participate in other activities.

Birthday greetings this week are extended all the way to Muleshoe, with Michael Lawrence celebrating his birthday yesterday, and Abby Lawrence Kirby, having a birthday on Saturday.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the rain and the cooler temperatures while you go about celebrating the Fall Festival activities. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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