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Home Blogs News Room Musings Graybar Hotel opening for business again?

Graybar Hotel opening for business again?

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After racking up about $35,000 in Graybar Hotel costs in other counties, Hopkins County may finally be able to take care of its own jail inmates on November 5.
That’s the date that Sheriff Butch Adams and Judge Cletis Millsap will appear before the Texas Commission on Texas Commission on Jail Standards — hats in hand, presumably — to politely ask if maybe the state would kindly consider lifting that teensy-weensy remedial order?
That’s the one that went into effect earlier this year that essentially stated, "Boy, you in a heap o' trouble." The gist of it was that anytime our jail got the least bit near the maximum allowed popuation of 93 inmates, ay new priosners would have to be housed elsewhere, at a cost of roughtly $40 a day. By my rough — and I do mean ROUGH — that's cost the county about $35,000 spen15 so far to keep about 15 people a day in jails in Emory and Mount Vernon.
It all started last September when the local jail failed its annual inspection by the state, partly becaus the jail's int. Subsequent action by the jail commission required the county to start sending some of its excess prisoners to other places.
So for the last 60 some-odd days about 15 of the people who were in the custody of the sheriff have been wasting their days and nights away in either Franklin or Rains County jails.
And, presumably, they’ll get to keep doing it for another 43 days, or until Nov. 5, when county officials present a plan for the future of the county jail to the state jail board, according to a memo about the meeting sent out by the county judge.
“Since the county jail is in compliance with state law and has passed the 2009 annual inspection by the state, Hopkins County Judge is requesting the removal of the remedial order,” the memo stated.
At least until the next inspecion ...
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