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Home Blogs Ask Delores How Do I Get My Child to Sleep In Her Own Bed Again?

How Do I Get My Child to Sleep In Her Own Bed Again?

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Dear Delores:
How can I get my child to sleep in her own bed again? She says she is afraid of her room after five years. just all of a sudden.

Dear Mercy:
Have you questioned her as to why she is afraid? Perhaps she heard or saw something that scared her.
Does she have a night light in her room or could you leave the closet door cracked open a bit for a night light? Maybe that will comfort her enough for her to get to sleep. I would also put her to bed at least an hour earlier than you so you could monitor her somewhat. Do a monster cleaning. Check under the beds, in closets and corners to prove to her they are all gone. Even check under her pillow and stuffed animal if she has one. When you are satisfied the monster are all gone and all is safe, give her a good night kiss and tell her it's time to go to sleep. If time permits I believe it is always a great thing to read your child a story at bedtime. Hang in there and stand firm as she may have just figured out that this will get her some extra attention and she's using it for all it's worth! Good luck.
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