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Football is Back!

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Welcome to Fantasy Fever, our newest blog that will cover the ins and out of fantasy football (and baseball) all throughout the year. We'll highlight the highs and lows from each week and pick a player or two to highlight for the coming week of action. You will also get to follow the fantasy season of the Texas FleaDogs, a draft-from-scratch keeper team in the well-known National Fantasy Sports League -- a national internet-based fantasy site (we'll highlight the league itself in the coming days, just in case you want to look into it).

We thought it would be a great idea to kick this blog off with a round-by-round rundown of the FleaDogs draft (held Tuesday night). It is a 14-team PPR/IDP league, starting a coach; 1 QB; 1 RB; 2 WR; 1 HB (RB or WR); 1 TE; 1 K; 1 KR; 1 DL; 2 LB; 2 DB and 1 NB (nickel back).

The Dogs had the 3rd pick in the draft and my strategy was pretty simple: Get a strong RB to kickoff the draft, take two top WRs next (unless a top QB was available in the 3rd), then follow up with another RB, then take a chance on a QB in the 5th (like Romo, Schaub or Matt Ryan). But there is one thing you learn in a fantasy draft -- it NEVER goes how you expect.

Check out my comments and then feel free to chime in with your own thoughts.

The teams:

1. Bo Knows FB

2. Executioners

3. Texas FleaDogs

4. NoPunt Intended

5. Good Squad

6. SeaCoast Halos

7. Slobberknockers

8. Hogskins


10. Mr. Fantasy

11. I Did It Elway

12. Mudbugs

13. Blood N' Guts

14. Team Typhoon


1. Drew Brees QB

2. Adrian Peterson RB

3. Maurice Jones-Drew RB

4. Matt Forte RB

5. Aaron Rodgers QB

6. Larry Fitzgerald WR

7. Chris Johnson RB

8. Michael Turner RB

9. Tom Brady QB

10. Steve Slaton RB

11. Deangelo Williams RB

12. Calvin Johnson WR

13. Andre Johnson WR

14. Steven Jackson RB

FleaDogs: Round 1 plays out great. With the 3rd pick, I knew the pick would be Peterson, MJD or Forte. MJ Drew is an awesome pick -- he could lead fantasy in scoring this year. I'm officially pumped!

The picks: Brees should be the top QB again this season, but taking him at #1 was a bit of a reach. And I love Aaron Rodgers, but there is NO WAY he is a 1st round pick -- late 2nd at best. Slaton at 10 and A. Johnson at 13 were strong picks!


14. Frank Gore RB

13. Knowshon Moreno RB

12. Philip Rivers QB

11. Peyton Manning QB

10. Brandon Jacobs RB

9. Ladainlian Tomlinson Rb

8. Randy Moss WR

7. Greg Jennings WR

6. Kurt Warner QB

5. Kevin Smith RB

4. Roddy White WR

3. Reggie Wayne WR

2. Jay Cutler QB

1. Brian Westbrook RB

FleaDogs: I had my eye on White and Wayne, so I was excited when Reggie fell to my spot. He's Peyton's top target and that makes him dangerous.

The Picks: What in the world is going on with the QBs? Rivers? Warner? Cutler? All strong QBs, but more like 4th round picks than 2nd. Moreno with the 2nd pick of the round was just silly. Honestly, I think Wayne is the best pick of the round. Westbrook with the final pick was outstanding, too.


1. Steve Smith WR

2. Anquan Boldin WR

3. Marques Colston WR

4. Donald Brown RB

5. Wes Welker WR

6. Marion Barber RB

7. Ronnie Brown RB

8. Pierre Thomas RB

9. Beanie Wells RB

10. Brandon Marshall WR

11. Felix Jones RB

12. Tony Romo QB

13. Matt Ryan QB

14. Dwayne Bowe WR

FleaDogs: I wanted Smith here real bad, but Bo Knows FB nabbed him right off the bat (Brees, Westbrook and Smith is a good start for Bo). Colston is a nice consolation -- he'll be a top 10 WR this year and will go nicely with MJD and Wayne.

The Picks: This round just blew my mind. Donald Brown and Felix Jones are going to be nice players, but not in the 3rd round -- when they aren't even starters! Remember the mantra: "We play to win the game!" Brandon Marshall could be a steal if he gets his head on straight (and if Denver finds a QB) and there were some nice picks with R. Brown, Thomas and Welker. The Romo pick is just mind-blowing because the MudBugs took Philip Rivers one round earlier. He says he was working off the "best player available theory" ... but that pick may haunt him.

Round 4.

14. Braylon Edwards WR

13. Ray Rice RB

12. Ryan Grant RB

11. Eddie Royal WR

10. Darren McFadden RB

9. Vincent Jackson WR

8. Jason Witten TE

7. Donovan McNabb QB

6. Clinton Portis RB

5. TJ Houshmandzadeh WR

4. Anthony Gonzalez WR

3. Matt Schaub QB

2. Antonio Gates TE

1. Terrell Owens WR

FleaDogs: I had no choice but to take Schaub. The McNabb pick really hurt and the early run on QBs left the pool almost dry. He better stay healthy and I'll need to grab a strong backup soon!

The Picks: Sanity came back to Rd. 4. The McNabb pick was nice, as was the Witten pick. Portis was also good value here. I'm not real crazy about Ray Rice this early, but all in all, it was a solid round.

Round 5.

1. Dallas Clark TE

2. DeSean Jackson WR

3. Chad OchoCinco WR

4. Matt Stafford QB

5. Carson Palmer QB

6. Marshawn Lynch RB

7. Roy Williams WR

8. Devin Hester WR

9. Leon Washington RB

10. LenDale White RB

11. Mark Sanchez QB

12. LeSean McCoy RB

13. Derrick Ward RB

14. Santanio Holmes WR

FleaDogs: I like the pick of Chad 85! I think he's in for a big year as long as Palmer stays healthy. Jackson would have been the choice if he would have lasted one more pick. In retrospect, I should have taken Palmer here to ensure two good QBs.

The Picks: Stafford and Sanchez were clearly "future" picks for the keeper league (though I think its too early to pull that trigger). Ward and Holmes could both be nice pickups for the bottom of the 5th. I'm starting to wonder when the defensive picks will come out.

Round 6.

14. Ben Roethlisberger QB

13. Tony Gonzalez TE

12. Lance Moore WR

11. Greg Olson TE

10. Eli Manning QB

9. Lee Evans WR

8. Chris Henry WR

7. Willie Parker RB

6. Joseph Addai Rb

5. Percy Harvin WR

4. Jeremy Maclin WR

3. Reggie Bush RB

2. Demarcus Ware LB

1. Chester Taylor RB

FleaDogs: I need another RB and really had my sights set on Addai. It hurt when he went a couple of picks before my spot. This being a PPR league, Bush was a nice consolation -- he'll catch lots of passes in the Saint offense and he'll have a few long TDs.

The Picks: If you didn't have a QB by now, you are in trouble. Gonzalez will be strong in Atlanta and Harvin will have some Reggie-Bush like moments in Minnesota. Ware becomes the first defender off the board, proving I have psychic abilities.

Round 7.

1. Larry Johnson RB

2. Patrick Willis LB

3. Cedric Benson RB

4. Rashard Mendenhall RB

5. Thomas Jones RB

6. Jon Beason LB

7. James Harrison LB

8. Darren Sproles RB

9. DeMeco Ryans LB

10. Jonathan Stewart RB

11. D.J. Williams LB

12. Ahmad Bradshaw RB

13. Joe Flacco QB

14. Karlos Dansby

FleaDogs: With Willis going with the 2nd pick, I can feel the LB run coming and Ryans is considered here. But Benson is a starting RB in a pretty good offense and started to make some noise last season, so I couldn't pass him up.

The Picks: I was right on the LB run ... and I'll pay for it later. Flacco went far too early but the Stewart and Bradshaw picks could pay dividends if the respective starters go down.

Round 8.

14. Lawrence Timmons LB

13. Jerod Mayo LB

12. Matt Hasselbeck QB

11. Bernard Berrian WR

10. Jonathan Vilma LB

9. Chris Cooley TE

8. David Garrard QB

7. Hines Ward WR

6. Jamal Lewis RB

5. Barrett Ruud LB

4. Brian Urlacher LB

3. Owen Daniels TE

2. Shonn Greene RB

1. D'Qwell Jackson LB

FleaDogs: I really wanted Hasselbeck here to protect the injury-prone Schaub, but that went down in flames early. I looked at both Urlacher and Jackson with my pick approaching, but I went with Daniels because I felt he was the last impact TE available. I'm pleased with this pick.

The Picks: Linebackers are going fast and I haven't gotten one yet. The Mayo pick was nice as was Hasselbeck ... except he's the third QB for the MudBugs in the first 8 rounds. Just nuts. A little early for Greene -- even in a keeper league.

Round 9:

1. Ray Lewis LB

2. Santana Moss WR

3. Chad Greenway LB

4. John Carlson TE

5. Justin Tuck DL

6. Trent Edwards QB

7. Dustin Keller TE

8. Matt Cassel QB

9. Gibril Wilson DB

10. Kellen Winslow TE

11. Jared Allen DL

12. Michael Crabtree WR

13. Josh Morgan WR

14. Donnie Avery WR

FleaDogs: I had to go LB here and Greenway is one of my top choices, so I gobble him up. And my selection of Daniels last round was vindicated as the TE names start looking very ugly.

The Picks: Wilson is the first DB taken and Allen was a good DL pick. I like the Morgan pick much more than the Crabtree pick -- mainly because Morgan is the one 49er WR playing! Carlson could be a good TE for Seattle this year.



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