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Jack Out of the Box

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What has happened to Jack in the Box? Seriously? Their commercials have just become INSANE! First we have the little dance for the buffalo mini sandwiches, then came the "little people" herding little cows (which was hilarious, but still) .... and now we have a commercial for the fast food giant's "Rip-It Off" game where men and women run up to Jack and rip off their clothes, standing there in their undies.


Jack has always been a little on the edge and somewhat offbeat with his advertising, but they've taken it to a new level the last couple of months! It's unbelievable that some "vertically challenged" advocates haven't completely ripped Jack apart for the mini-cowboy commercial --- and you can bet some parent groups and the religious right will take exception to seeing guys and gals in their undies on the TV screen.

It gives an all new meaning to the term "boob tube!" Too bad they didn't get some stars involved in that one!

We'll give jack some credit ... he's got some .... uh ..... well ...... balls to pull these ads off!

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Love the beef!
written by a guest , September 09, 2009
I loved the beef-d up blog. The added video is great. Do you have an admirer??

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