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Home Blogs News Room Musings Anoyone for Friday night tailgate parties on Main St.?

Anoyone for Friday night tailgate parties on Main St.?

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How about a little get-together downtown every Friday night when the Wildcats are out of town this football season? That’s one idea being kicked around for downtown.

Marc Maxwell, our city manager with a Ph.D. in creative thinking when it comes to downtown, had considered a sort of “pre-game” party downtown for all the home games, but then figured there was already enough pregame planning in place.

Now he’s tossing around the idea of a tailgate party downtown on Main Street whenever the Wildcats are playing on the road. It wouldn’t be anything formal — bring your own eats and drinks (no booze) and lawn chairs, etc. Main Street has that wicked outdoor sound system, so there shouldn’t be any trouble piping a radio feed through it. If it gets cold, maybe they’ll start a fire or two in metal barrels where you could roast marshmallows or hot dogs.

Now, don’t go jumping the gun and just assume that this is already a done deal. He’s just thinking about it and gathering opinions.

So, anybody got an opinion? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

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written by Butch Burney , September 01, 2009
Sounds like a neat idea. I'll be at the games, but if I wasn't I would love to listen to the game with other fans like that.

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