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Seasoned to taste

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The other morning I was serving breakfast. Trying my best to make it healthy and happy time. But for my youngest son it was almost a bitter-sweet moment.

In the usual morning rush, he asked for some cinnamon for his applesauce. So I told him to go ahead and get it for himself. Well just as he was about to tip the bottle of seasoning, I glanced over. Some of you might see where this story is going…

In that moment I realized he had the cumin. (A yellow-brown colored seasoning we use on meats etc., definitely not a cinnamon substitute!)

I am very careful to keep the cinnamon and cumin on different shelves for this exact reason. Luckily, I was able to stop him in time to give him a small spelling lesson.

I don’t think he will be making that mistake again!


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written by a guest , September 02, 2009
Haha! It's good you noticed. I've almost done that, too.

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