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The Power of the Press

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A woman just called and asked if I would contact U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall and tell him to get his curvy backside over to the Civic Center for Friday night’s town hall forum on government-run health care. I ain’t felt so flattered since one of the Bradshaw twins tried to push me into pool at Barret’s Aquatic Training Center and Flea Market Emporium back in the 10th grade.

It's nice that they think I have enough power to sway, nay, COMMAND a U.S. congressman to come to Sulphur Springs, especially since the dude was just here Monday night, but they are sadly mistaken. Still, you'd be shocked by how much power the average person thinks journalists have.

(Or maybe you wouldn’t be, because there’s more than a few people who really don’t understand that the Fourth Estate is run by private capital, not the U.S. capitol. One time someone had called to complain about something in the paper when they pulled what they must have thought was their ace in the hole by yelling, “I pay your salary — I pay taxes!” I’m still waiting for the gummint check to come in from that poor misguided Bubba.)

If anybody else wants to call Ralph and tell him he needs to get on down here for this health care meeting, I suggest you call him yourself over in Rockwall. He’s made a career out of listening to voters, and I bet he’d a lot rather hear from you than me, anyway.

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