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Famous TV couples, long awaited answers...

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Those that have waited patiently for the answers to my earlier blog--here they are. I have also included an animoto.com video to help jog the memories of those that played along!


Famous Television Couples Answers

1.   Cliff & Claire Huxtable     The Cosby Show
2.   Ricky & Lucy Ricardo       I Love Lucy
3.   Archie & Edith Bunker     All in the Family
4.   Darrin & Samantha Stevens  Bewitched
5.   Paul & Cate Hennessy      8 Simple Rules
6.   Chandler & Monica Bing   Friends
7.   Tom & Alice Horton         Days of Our Lives
8.   Mr. John James & Carrie Big  Sex in the City
9.   Charles & Caroline Ingalls Little House on Prairie
10. Ralph & Alice Kramden    Honeymooners
11. Bo & Hope Brady              Days of Our Lives
12. George & Louise Jefferson  Jeffersons
13. JR & Sue Ellen Ewing       DALLAS
14. Dan & Rosanne Conner   Rosanne
15. Al & Peggy Bundy             Married with Children
16. Howard & Marion Cuttingham   Happy Days
17. Tom & Lynette Scavo        Desperate Housewives
18. Paul & Jamie Buchman     Mad About You
19. Luke & Laura Spencer       General Hospital
20. Ross & Rachel Geller         Friends
21. Mike & Carol Brady  The Brady Bunch tiebreaker

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written by a guest , February 13, 2012
P.S.: Ross and Rachael did not share a last name either. Weak.
written by a guest , February 13, 2012
Did you do any research? Sex and the City featured Carrie Bradshaw and John James Preston. Big was a nickname. I have nothing nice to say so I'll end here.

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