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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Aug. 5, 2009


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Well folks, we’ve turned over another page on the calendar for 2009 and it won’t be long before school will be starting, football games will dominate the weekends, and the busy activities of the fall season will be upon us. This ol’ year is moving right along.

The nice rain that we got has been the topic of conversation in Reilly Springs. We escaped the “floods” that moved into Sulphur Springs, on Saturday but received a nice amount of rain. Anytime you get rain in Hopkins County in July and August is cause for a celebration.

Bryant Fisher reported receiving 2.2 inches of rain at his place, and Vera Harrington said that her gauge showed over three inches in that part of the community.

I returned home from Baltimore, just in time to see all of the rain on Saturday. My flight was scheduled to land at D-FW International Airport at 9 p.m. on Friday. But the same thunderstorms caused landing delays and we were forced to land at Alliance Airport, where we refueled, and then made the trip back to DFW. Needless to say, I was after midnight leaving the airport and in the “wee hours” of the morning, making it back to Hopkins County.

However, I had a wonderful trip to the East Coast and enjoyed seeing some sights that I’ve never experienced before, as well as taking some photographs of places that I’d once visited.

Of course, being on the East Coast, there was wonderful fresh seafood and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It’s a vacation destination that I’d recommend to anyone!

And, of course, there is always something new to see in Washington D.C. I especially enjoyed photographing the WWII Memorial and the Korean War Memorial.

I enjoyed a return trip to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Gettysburg, as well. There were great photo opportunities and anytime you go to “Amish Country,” the food is outstanding. Another highlight of the trip was Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It was a beautiful mountainous region where three rivers and three states join together, with scenic vistas, everywhere you turn.

The crops in the Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania areas were outstanding. The corn and soybean crops were beautiful and farmer’s markets were all along the roads, with fresh produce. It was some very scenic country!

But, as always, once you’ve been gone for a few days, you begin to get ready to come back home, I’m one of those people that can only live out of a suitcase for about a week!

It’s nice to be back and begin “sifting through” the notes and photos, to realize just what all you saw!

I heard from Rhandi Fails this week, and she reported that last week Braydon and Alexis spent the weekend with David and Debra Stribling. And, on Friday night, Alex and Abbi Taylor and Jeremy stayed the night at Stribling Farms. The kids rode horses on Saturday morning and enjoyed visiting with each other. Then, they headed for Madill, Okla., to a rodeo. Abbi Taylor is the Bogota Rodeo Queen.

Then, on Saturday, July 25, the Fails hosted little Case Fails’ first birthday party. Family and friends gathered for cake and ice cream, but Case couldn’t really figure out why everyone was there. He surveyed the toys and as they were opened, wondered why his mother kept taking them away. The Fails may be having to build on an extra room to hold all the toys, books and clothes.

Rhandi also reported that Mary Attlesey has welcomed a new great-grandbaby, Elijah Garrett Teer. He was born July 27th, the son of Adam and Stephanie Teer of Abilene. Hannah Teer is his big sister. Grandmother Laura Teer was last seen “speeding” toward Abilene to welcome his birth, so if you miss Laura here in East Texas, you know where to find her.

Rhandi, Cody, and Case Fails all spend the past weekend in San Antonio, for a vacation. The went to the Alamo, Sea World, and other attractions and had a great time on the Riverwalk.

Meanwhile, J.R. Fisher, Dustin Hammagren, Blake and Kendra, and other friends left last Thursday for a trip to the Guadalupe River to do some river rafting. However, they reported that water levels were so low that they didn’t do much rafting. They did enjoy the sites in San Antonio, Fredricksbur, and Austin while in the Texas Hill Country.

The Fishers report that they still have peas but “they are fading fast.” If you want peas, you’d better call and reserve them pretty soon, as the crop will soon be over. J.R. did advise that the recent rains would be nice to get the fall peas and other garden produce started that he is planting now. Watch for a nice selection of vegetables throughout the fall months.

Joyce McDonald had Jan and Jacy Lawrence and Abby, Cody and Kobi Kirby for visitors over the weekend. They returned to Muleshoe on Sunday morning.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the wonderful rainfall and the last couple of weeks before school starts. It won’t be long before everyone will be back to the daily grind of school and all the many activities that accompany the school year.

Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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