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Un-Funny People

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It doesn't happen often, but the minions got restless the other night, so we hopped in the motor carriage and took in the latest Adam Sandler flick, "Funny People."

Mr. Echo is not the sharpest crayon in the box, but it didn't take long for me to look up the word "irony" on the Blackberry. You see, "Funny People" didn't have many funny people in it. I figured it out pretty quick into the movie. And yes, I'm impressed with myself.

Oh don't get me wrong - there were some chuckles here and there. Even a couple of full-out laughs. When Sandler and co-star Seth Rogen are in the doc's office, you get some good yuks. I think there might have been one or two more funny parts, I just honestly don't remember them.

In between the laughs is a horrible attempt at a movie. The "stand-up comedy" scenes are nothing but lame attempts at humor using the male body parts. The serious scenes are boring and unbelievable and the cameos halfway through the movie are uninspired. It's like nobody wanted to be in this movie, but the paycheck was just too big (and it was written specifically for Sandler and Rogen).

The only saving grace of "Funny People" was co-star Leslie Mann (wife of director Judd Apatow). She's pretty bored in the movie, too, but she's in Mr. Echo's Top 5 of Actresses over 35, which means she gets a pass in any movie.

Do yourself a favor and stay home on "Funny People" movie night. You'll laugh a whole lot more.

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