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Dine in or Carry out?

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To dine in or carry out, that is the question.

With a family of six, sometimes we just get tired of coming up with a meal to please the masses. So we occasionally make a stop to one of the local establishments here in town (PS there are over 50 in Hopkins County to choose from).

Recently, my husband made an unusual discovery at the local McDonald's. He was quite proud that he had figured out a way to out smart the system. Shopping the $1 menu, we could feed our family for under $10 or so we thought.

OK, call us cruel but we refuse to pay extra for a Happy Meal. Most of the time the prize does not live up or survive even the ride home. (Note: McDonald's has just celebrated a milestone. It is the 30th birthday of the Happy Meal.)

Anyways, figuring he could get by with just two President Lincolns, the clerk asks if he wanted to "dine in or carry out?" Unknowingly choosing the dine in option, made the total jump. McDonald's charges a dine in tax, tacking on an additional $1 (or more depending on the total) to the final bill.

Now what real "cents" does this make? Really?

It is not like, this McDonald's has a waitstaff. Or like Sonic, where they ask you if you need more ketchup or peppermints. I mean you have to clear your own table. And they are actually saving money on paper sacks. It is not like we haven't been there, we are both veterans of the culinary world.

Someone please tell me why? Next time take a minute to check your receipt, you might just learn more about your dining experience.

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written by a guest , July 30, 2009
Wow. That is very interesting and puzzling.

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