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Everyone needs a Mac.

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OK, before you Windows PC geeks get revved up to call me a Kool-Aid drinking, Apple Nazi, who is content to pay twice as much for a computer only because I am a faithful follower of Steve Jobs, I've got one word for you.


That's right folks. Malware. Malicious software, be it viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, scareware, or other crapware is an epidemic. Windows has 'em, Apple computers don't. Period.

I say again, Macs do not get viruses like Windows PCs do.There are hundreds of thousands identified for Windows and there might be two, as in 1 + 1 = 2, for Mac OS X - and those are deabted.

I'll say it a third time. If you buy a Mac, you won't have to have anti-virus software, or pay for a subscription for anti-virus updates, or have a slow computer rittled with pop-ups because your 14 year old kid went to websites he shouldn't have.

I know Apple computers cost more than your cheap off the shelf PCs do. I know times are tight right now. But you get what you pay for. Apple does not sell budget PCs of any kind. So comparing an entry level $1,200 iMac to a $400 Dell is comparing apples to lemons - pun intended.

I have four Windows laptops, and three Windows PCs that I'm working on right now that are inoperable because of malware. Most had antivirus software installed, but got infected anyway. Know how many Macs are down right now - and I'm responsible for over 50? None.

I know you have more configuration options with most PC manufacturers. More expandability. But most people who by a computer never crack the case open except to maybe add RAM.

Now gamers and power users, sit down and drink your Mt Dew and Bawls soda. I'm not talking to you. Buy what you want. Go drool over your Alienware dream machine. Most of you have a PC and a Mac both - or at least a Hackintosh. For the rest of you home and business users - yes I said business users - please, seriously consider an Apple for your next computer.

I'll not bore you with a pros and cons spec sheet on features. Both Windows and Mac OS X are modern, robust and capable operating systems, but because of the growing state of malware infestations I can not recommend anyone buy a Windows-based PC right now. Sorry. I'm sick and tired of cleaning them up.

Now if you'll excuse me, master Jobs is summoning his most loyal followers for a special, secret meeting.

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