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A Beaten Man

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I give. I have been defeated. I am humbled by the Website Master. How do I pay homage to someone so much smarter than myself? 100 year old scotch? A box of Cuban cigars? The boxed set of "O.C."? 

Why the self-defeating prose? It's simple: Mr. Echo has been smashed!

It started during the planning stages of the new myssnews website. When the Master came calling to bring the entire Echo Mansion out of retirement, there were grand illusions. The minions went into frenzy mode, scouring the internet for the best blog ideas. Through sweat-filled hours, Mr. Echo's World was formed. There would be videos; lists; commentaries from the minions and forays into the world of entertainment and sports. It was going to be the PERFECT BLOG!

Of course, the Master had different ideas. He screamed. He hollered. He threatened. The website had its own blog system and Mr. Echo was going to have to conform. Buuuuuuut noooooo. We held firm over a dozen or so meetings at the Mansion. He pushed, we pulled. He threatened, we boycotted. As Teddy KGB said in "Rounders": "We won't be puuushed awound."

And guess what? We won. We had the blog page we wanted. The minions were so excited. Mr. Echo was excited. We pumped out page after page. We ran with the great ideas. And then the internet world crashed around us.

to make a long, sad tale much shorter: The Master was right and we were wrong.


We'll be coming at you at least a couple of times a week -- and more if events warrant. We'll still have lists. We'll still have babes. We'll probably even throw in a video or two. But most importantly, we'll be here ready to entertain, inform and talk about really silly stuff that only matters to the worthless among us. 

By the way, you can get alerts each time we post -- simply hop on the myssnews Twitter train and you'll get update notices whenever they occur. God Bless Techonology!

We'll see ya later in the week with our next missive. And soon, we'll be bringing you the first-ever Mr. Echo's mailbag. We've been saving them up since we started this thing back in November and it's time to break it out. So get on the Twitter and let's get rockin! First, I gotta go lay down at the feet of the Master and take my beating. 

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written by Administrator , July 29, 2009
Your are forgiven. ;-)
The Master

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