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Sears Rebate

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I hope that we are the only ones who are having trouble with our local Sears. No $90 rebate as promised after 6 months, several calls and requests for help. Long and short of it--where's customer service? (Background--I took my mom, a Senior citizen who's shopped at Sears for major appliances for over 40 years, to Sears last January. She bought a dishwasher with a $90 rebate. We mailed the paperwork the next day. In April, still no check. Called the rebate center and the local store--both agreed to work to help us--the local owners faxed second rebate form for us in April, explaining that there was a mix up at the rebate center for January purchases. The form was faxed from the store here in Sulphur Springs, as per instructions from the Sears Rebate Center. June 20, no check yet. Rebate Center says--none will be given--too late. Sulphur Springs co-owners state that no rebate will be given--too late, they even checked on this crummy customer service and verified it with their District Manager. They've called back offering a $75 credit for another appliance--why would we want more hassles! Just send the money your promised back in January when we forked over $650!--What's happened to Sears?

Dear Rebate:
My advice to you and to anyone in this situation would be to contact the Better Business Bureau with this information and file a complaint against the business. Many people check with the BBB before even shopping with a business. If the BBB has a complaint on file they will be able to determine whether or not they want to do business with certain companies. That is the purpose of the BBB. Personally, I would have thrown a huge fit in the store and told them exactly what they could do with their $75 "credit". If this is indeed how it happened I would let them know that I would no longer be shopping with them for this reason and would tell everyone I knew about it!

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