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Father's Day

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With Father's Day fast upon us, I wanted to take a minute and thank all those wonderful dads and father-figures out there in News-Telegram reader land.

To all the dads, stepdads, dads-to-be, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, papas, uncles, brothers, and great guys out there...Have a Happy Father's Day.

All the crazy rantings I do for Mommy Talk, I truly do owe it all to my husband, the definition of "better half". I would not be able to survive on a daily basis without his love and support.

Now to make everyone jealous–yes–he cooks, cleans, loves, cares, shuttles, and disciplines our children, and still remembers to pick me wildflowers even if they just come from our yard Wink. All while still working a more than full-time job himself as a teacher and coach.

Now I can go home and plan out my famous homemade French Toast for tomorrow's special breakfast. Wish me luck with four helpers under my feet...


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