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on my own, but not alone

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Being a newly single mom as of September 08 I refuse to let the fact that I have no man in my life slow me down when it comes to doing the outdoorsy things I enjoy. Therefore, I took it upon myself to go tent camping Memorial Day Weekend with my 8-year-old son, Noah, and his friend, Ashton.

We headed for Oklahoma's Beaver's Bend State Park Saturday when I decided on a whim to make use of the long holiday weekend. It was kind of hysterical actually. First of all, we didn't get up there until Saturday night just before dark, because we made a stop at a swimming party at a friends before leaving town.

Friends set about discouraging me, telling me all the horrors of Memorial Day mayhem saying the chances of me getting a camping spot at all were slim to none. Nevertheless, with the car loaded with everything but the kitchen sink (and a lantern, oops) our adventure began.

Being a woman of faith, I never really had any doubt of finding a camping spot, and sure enough, right there along the river in the Hickory Drive section of the park there was one lone spot available. Imagine that.

With daylight fading fast, we set about unloading the car and putting up the tent. I was actually doing fine on my own, when gentlemen from campsites on either side of me offered their assistance, quickly taking over (one even left with my air mattress to blow it up, while another one left me his lantern to use for the weekend).

With camp made, we climbed in our tent to play board games and cards before lights out since we didn't have any wood for a fire yet. No biggy, we'd pick some up tomorrow.

The next day we enjoyed a hearty breakfast at a mom and pop cafe then set out to do some exploring. By the end of the day we had played putt, putt, gone to a museum, canoed down the river and done a little hiking as well. We decided to get back to camp before dark so we could gather some wood for a fire and cookout.

Low and behold, when we got back to camp....we had plenty of firewood stacked and ready to light- thanks again to our weekend neighbors.

After a supper consisting of grilled steaks, and mushrooms and corn prepared in tin foil bowls we sat by our fire telling scary stories and playing charades before going to bed.

The next morning while the kids slept in, I had some time to myself. I read a little as I sipped on my frapachino. But mainly I just enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells that surrounded me; squirrels playing in the trees, the river rushing by, campfire smoke filling the air, and before long, children playing.

When Noah and Ashton got up they feasted on snack pack pudding and applesauce and then invited all the kids over for a game of horseshoes while I acquainted myself with the moms, all of whom applauded my efforts-"roughing it" with the kids on my own.

Roughing it. Ha! Our adventure went quite smoothly thanks to good people. What a great weekend!







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written by ArtsJunkie , June 11, 2009
You go, Patti, girl. Sky's the limit for you.

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