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Beverly Haygood, our post mistress, wants to thank all of Brashear for donating over 1,700 pounds of food for their food drive last week. That amount more than doubles what was collected for last year. She said that in hard times you can count on your neighbors. Also want to congratulate Julie Benoist, daughter of Beverly’s assistant at the Post Office, Jody Benoist, for being recognized at her school for being good. Way to go!

I want to thank all of you who inquired about the VOLES. A product called Mole Max was found to get rid of them in Joyce Hale’s yard. Mole Max can be found at East Texas Landscape on Main Street. Several of you have found out there are Voles in our area.

The rain has been incredible this spring, but I sincerely hope that it is over. Our garden is growing but so are the weeds. It is too wet to really do some weeding. Our pastures need cutting soon for hay, too, so let’s all pray for a drying out period real soon.

The Plant Swap was good in one way. I was there. Where were you? Janet, Elton and Sonny stopped by to visit a little, but there weren’t any others. Come on out next time. I promise not to bite.

I did find out something, though. If you sit up on the ball field, you see nearly all of Brashear pass by at some point. I noticed that there must have been a wedding somewhere close by because the fancy carriages and horses went by. A man on a tractor came by to visit the store for a little while and then drove off. Several people waved, but seemed to wonder what that crazy lady with the hat was doing in downtown Brashear reading her book. I always have a book close by so that I do not get too bored. So I am issuing an open invitation — when you see a gray Ford pickup by the ball field and someone close by with a sign and plants, that will be me; I would love to meet you and visit.

I forgot to mention that when Sonny cambe by he gave me some gourd seeds to plant. I want to see what I can make out of them. Just to let you know, I am not trying to be in competition with Three Oaks Farm. You will find them and a lot of interesting plants, pots, trees, shrubs and various other outdoor supplies down the FM 3389 or on the downtown square in Sulphur Springs every Saturday for the Farmer’s Market.

Well another week has passed and I’ve tried to keep all of you informed about what is going on in Brashear. Just call 903-612-8806; e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or just stop by for a visit on County Road 1119. Please note I will be changing my email in the near future so pay close attention. Take care and make God bless you and yours.




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