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Star Trek is coming soon...

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OK, who out there is as excited as we are? Come on it is safe to admit when you are a Trekkie. Heck, who doesn't love William Shatner. See Captain Kirk's reaction to the new Star Trek...

I have to admit, my hopes were somewhat dashed when I found out he wasn't going to be in the newest hit. But I would not want the integrity of the space time continuum to be disrupted. I think JJ Abrams hit the mark with this one although even as a huge fan I have yet to see it. So don't spoil it for me! I have watched several of the previews, short as they may be, they don't give but a sneak peek which is good. Some movies are ruined by previews.

Two words for you ladies out there--CHRIS PINE. I think he makes a fine young James T. Kirk. And if he has Shatner's go ahead, who am I to argue. Bringing back Leonard Nimoy is also huge. PS I love the priceline commercials with the duo, Shatner and Nimoy.

Believe me, I won't be going into the theatre (and yes, we found one claiming to have the biggest screen in Texas) without a background on the Star Trek series. The remastered DVDs are really good. Even just seeing the originals, the effects were impressive for the time.

My favorite has to be "Trouble with Tribbles". There was even a Deep Space Nine episode that referenced it. Too great! Hallmark even came out with the ornament. Kirk with the Tribbles. It is a must have for fans.

I have to say I was sure about the lastest series Enterprise, but it has even grown on me. Something about those captains and how they always get all the action. And as the saying goes, (they) "wouldn't have it any other way". The fiction almost seems like it really could be more like reality. It stirs the imagination.

I guess I have come a long way from falling asleep (at the movie theatre) during the Generations movie. I still get teased for that one. What more can I say?

Live long and prosper...


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written by Inkeper , May 08, 2009
I can't wait. Everything I have heard thus far say this is the best yet!

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