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Lousy Streets

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Hi I recently visited Sulphur Springs and the roads are horrible. I was born and raised there and can not remember them being so bad.It is embarissing if you are bringing visitors with you. Is there any plans for fixing them?

Brenda Phillips-Carey

Dear Brenda,

All it takes is a drive to anywhere in Texas to see that road repair is a continual effort and that even our massive state budget is not sufficient to allow the roads to be maintained in perfect order.  The City’s efforts toward its infrastructure maintenance and repair are part of an ongoing plan and a significant part of each year’s budget is directed specifically to the repair of the streets. 


There are some areas of the City where the execution of that plan involves a complete redesign and rebuild of the streets while the others get a reactive repair-as-needed effort to keep them safe and operational.  We all know that there are many spots that need attention, but on any given day, somewhere in the city, you’ll be able to find a crew working on repairing something.


Bring your friends back to town and take them for a ride around the square, down the block on Main Street, and before too long Houston Street and part of Connally Street will be a very pleasant drive as well.   Over the last two years the city has spent nearly $500,000.00 on streets…check out Town, St. James, Jarbo, Locust, Ponder, Sunset, Middle, Longino, Pipeline, Randolph, Veterans, McGrede and College, they have all had some significant repair work.  There has been complete reconstruction done on Rockdale, Whitworth, Woodbridge, and Como.  It is a big task with never enough funds and there are obviously still plenty of streets that need some repair (horrible is such a nasty word) but there is a plan and the plan is working.


Thanks for taking the time to write.


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written by a guest , October 07, 2009
"There has been complete reconstruction done on Rockdale, Whitworth, Woodbridge, and Como." I live in the Woodbridge addition and I do not see any changes on the road.
Tex Dad
written by a guest , May 27, 2009
....now if you happen to be driving a 1 ton dually,and meeting another one, you might want to watch your mirrors when there is a pick-up parked on each side of the new main street....not to worry though,as soon as the"anointed one"and his idiot cronies make us all drive clown cars we will be able to make a u-turn there with no problem.

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