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Off the bench

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Notes and quotes from the sports world, that were heard, overheard or picked from other area publications.
Notable Quotes
“Finally a hot day!”
That was the exclamation from a Cumby baseball player waiting on deck to take his turn batting Tuesday afternoon under the bright sunshine at North Hopkins.
All players in spring sports this season had to come to games dressed for winter with gloves, coats and Under Armour as they participated in baseball, track, tennis or golf. Cold temperatures, wind and rain have finally given way to seasonal temperatures.
“I knew when I saw a ball heading for the outfield hit the ump and fall in, it was not going to be our night.”
Sulphur Springs head softball coach David Carrillo explaining the recent karma in the 6-1 loss to Texas High. Carrillo said the Lady Cats lost the right to control their own destiny and now have to win out the final two games to be co-champs. Sulphur Springs does hold tiebreakers.

Sports Movie Trivia
Perhaps a close second to sports, is my love for movies. When you can combine the two, then you have me hooked. Buy the popcorn (and I am not talking to Terrell Owens). I have a few easy movie quotes from some of my favorite sports movies. Do you know them?
“If you build it, he will come.”
“You’re killing me Smalls!”
“The rose goes in the front big guy.”
“The bat is Wonderboy, I made it from a tree back home that got struck by lightning.”
“Gus, I’m throwing hard today.”
So if you can tell me which sports movie any or all of these came from, then send in the answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Babe is back?
The ghost of Babe Ruth may be visiting his old team the New York Yankees. The moved out of ‘The house that Ruth built’ and they can’t keep ball in the ballpark. Homers are flying out of the new park at an alarming rate, so far it is 26 in 6 games, that makes it plenty tough on the pitchers.
The Bankees, I mean Yankees are having a hard time selling some of their high dollar new seats in the new ball park. About 5,000 prime seats have gone unsold, the cheapest seat at the new park is $77.43, the unsold tickets range in price (for individual game) $295 to $2,650 each.

In need of spellcheck
Egg is still on the face of Majestic Athletics, a sporting good company which provides uniforms for some Major League Baseball clubs.
A lot of people are hollering “Oooh” as they watch the pitiful Washington Nationals play their own brand of last place baseball. But recently they have uniforms with the team name misspelled. It was the “Natinals” with the letter O omitted from jerseys for Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman. No respect.

‘Old Pappy’ to work Red Sox game
He won’t be wearing dreadlocks, but he will be a featured star.
Arthur Giddon a life-long Red Sox fan from Connecticut will get to be the bat boy Saturday at the Yankees/Red Sox game at Fenway Park. He is 100-years-old and thrilled to get the chance.

Kinsler kept historic uniform
Ian Kinsler, slugging second sacker for the Texas Rangers, kept his own keepsake from Jackie Robinson night at Arlington.
Kinsler went 6-for-6 and hit for the cycle in the Rangers’ victory. The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown came looking for memorabilia from the historic event, he sent his bat. He said the uniform he wore that night, the No. 42 jersey, was going to be displayed at his house.

Wrong Maddux?
When the Rangers went looking in the off-season for pitching help, they hired Mike Maddux. They gave him the job of pitching coach, I can’t tell that it has helped. Mike and his brother Greg teamed for 394 career big league wins. Mike got 39 wins, Greg somehow managed to sneak by and get 355 games.
Maybe the Rangers hired the wrong member of the Maddux family. Time will tell.
You know the Rangers are in trouble when the best pitcher on the payroll is still and always will be team president, a tough Texas flamethrower known as Lynn Nolan Ryan. He hasn’t lost a game since 1993.




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