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Around and around we go

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OK, after much deliberation I have been convinced to tell on myself...

Yes, I did it. I took the wrong kid to soccer practice Monday!

In a rush as usual (and my husband can vouch for that-his comment is that I'll be late for my own funeral), I ran (technically drove) to school and picked the two middle kids up and then onto sitter to get the youngest. Then, back to the house for snacks before soccer practice. I do my normal running around the house--clothes in dryer, check mail, etc. And by this time Daddy is home. So I load up Garrison and truck him off to Coleman Park. We drive around the entire park looking for the coach's truck or kids that resemble his teammates without much luck. So I decide practice must be at the SS Middle School. Well, after taking all of the lovely one-way streets back to League Street, I discovered I was wrong again. So I innocently hurry back to Coleman Park to see if maybe I just missed him. At the park, I ramble through my purse and make the one desperate call to the coach's phone--hoping it was his cell number I had. Voice mail...the story of my life. So I leave my desperate plea. "Coach, can't find you or team? Help."

Thank goodness, moments later, he returns my call only to deliver the bad news--Garrison's practice is Tuesday night! Yikes. Wrong kid.

OK, back enroute to our house, I make another desperate phone call only this time it was to our house to inform our other child, Issabella, that she needed to be ready to go when I pulled into the driveway. Guess what I got? Voice mail...(it was a beautiful afternoon so the remainder of our family was outside and out of range of the ringing phone)

The look on my husband's face when I pulled up and explained myself was priceless (as any husband or father would agree). So Issabella flees to find her shin guards. Then back in to snag her water bottle. On the road again around to Coleman Park.

Wrong again. As luck would have it her practice started half an hour later than Garrison, so I had a slight window to be on time. Back on the one-way street and around again to League Street. Only to see no one in sight. So I make a final desperate call to Issabella's coach.

Maybe my luck was changing. The voice on the other end told directed me to a field near the Church of the Nazarene.

Bingo, her coach and team. We pull up to the field. Just as she starts to exit the car, she exclaims, "Mommy, I need to pee."


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written by a guest , April 23, 2009
Eventually, your daughter will hear the same comment from you...excuse me, I think my mother needs to pee!
Grandma Linda to soccer players
written by a guest , April 23, 2009
I have been there and done that!

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