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Two arrests clear up several county burglaries

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Arrests in two counties could clear up several burglaries in Hopkins County, as well as numerous in other counties, Hopkins County sheriff’s investigators said Thursday morning.

Another incident at a closed liquor store where the door was found open resulted in scuffle and two men going to jail, according to sheriff’s reports.

Two men arrested recently in connection with thefts of tools from the hospital were once again taken into custody Wednesday. Van Zandt County officials received information of the possible location of stolen items in that county Wednesday. They went to the location ad found a four-wheeler they believed to be one reported stolen in Hopkins County. Several other items were also recovered. Sheriff’s investigators were on their way to Van Zandt County to see if the property is in fact one of the four-wheelers stolen from County Road 4759 in Hopkins County recently. If it is, the recovery could help clear up three thefts along CR 4759 where four wheelers and bikes were taken, according to Hopkins County Sheriff’s Investigator Lewis Tatum.

Two arrests in Terrell last night are expected to clear up at least one, possibly up to two other store burglaries in Hopkins County and two in Cass County as well. The two black men fit the  suspect and vehicle descriptions given in a break-in which resulted in a stolen safe from Beer 30 overnight Tuesday, and possibly a break-in at J&S Country Store as well. The vehicle fit the description of one used later Tuesday to back into a dollar store in Linden. The Linden store has been broken into twice; a safe was also stolen from there Tuesday night, according to reports from Sheriff Butch Adams, Tatum and other officers.

Early this morning in a third incident, sheriff’s deputies arrested two Michigan men found at Blackjack Package Store, one for public lewdness and one for tampering with evidence. A deputy, responding to a report from a security company of an alarm at the liquor store, discovered  a door open upon arrival and began walking the area searching for potential burglaries. A silver Dodge Charger was spotted behind the business, then traveled to the front of the store. As the deputy approached, the pair out of Detroit were seen walking around the car. She called for backup from other area officers, according to sheriff’s reports by Cpl. Amanda Lovett.

When she asked for identification the 38-year-old man became nervous. He was patted down and found to have a large amount of money. He was arrested for public lewdness after admitting to using the restroom in the parking lot, according to arrest reports.

The other man, 55, went to the car and began to make furtive movements in the car. He was asked to step out to be patted down for officer safety. The deputy found what she believed to be crack cocaine, which she placed in the passenger side of the car. The man attempted and was successful in getting the evidence, which he put in his mouth. A scuffle ensued as the deputy attempted to get the substance back. She pepper sprayed the man in an attempt to get him to release the substance. He became “very belligerent and combative” with the officer, resisting her efforts to get him to spit out the suspected narcotic substance. The man consumed it. An ambulance crew was called, and the man was detoxified by water and taken to the hospital to be checked out. He was released later this morning and booked into the county jail for tampering with evidence, arrest and offense reports noted.




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