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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS April 8, 2009


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Brrr! It got cold this week in Reilly Springs. Sunday and Monday were quite unseasonably cold for folks in this community. It has some asking, “Will spring ever get here?”

“We got a good frost on Tuesday morning,” allowed J.R. Fisher. “In the low places, it was quite white, and anything tender got burned pretty severely.”

“Most anything I had planted had already been killed,” bemoaned J.R. “I had decided not to take anything from the greenhouse and plant it outside until the weather settled. These low temps and frosts are playing havoc with trying to get anything planted early.”

J.R. and Marilee attended the Sulphur Springs Farmer’s Market on Saturday and reported brisk sales of herbs and fresh brown eggs. They also made a number of contacts who promised to come out to the farm once the produce is ready. “We met some awfully nice people, and all of them seem to be about as ready for spring to finally get here as we are to get going,” stated Marilee. “I also got to see my high school friend Laura Furney, who attended Saturday’s Farmer’s Market with her mother, Nell. They were enjoying the sights in downtown Sulphur Springs.”

The Reilly Springs Supper Club met Monday night and enjoyed Chinese food. A full group was in attendance, but we didn’t have any guests. Most of the “table topic” centered on the extra cold weather and how it was affecting the garden plants.

I went by the Fishers on Sunday afternoon and watched the milk goat operation in action. It is something to behold. They are milking 26 goats and already have them trained to put their heads in the slots to get their feed. It takes about an hour to milk the goats, and I have to agree with Kendra that “it is a much cleaner operation than milking cows.” However, it does come awfully regular — twice a day — and is very similar to milking cows. I really didn’t think I wanted to purchase a milk goat dairy farm just yet, anyway.

The goat’s milk is touted to be lower in fat and much easier to digest. J.R. is already taking some to have cheese made from it and has promised me a tasting in the coming days. I’ll let you know about the flavor.

Congratulations to Cole Cable. Cole won All-District awards and the Sulphur Springs High School Drama Department One-Act Play won first place honors at district competition. The cast and crew will be advancing to Area competition Saturday at 3:30 p.m. in Whitehouse. They will also be hosting a local performance at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the Civic Center. Best of luck to Cole and the remainder of the cast and crew on Saturday.

J.R. Fisher is expecting a visit from one of his friends from Texas A&M University for the Easter weekend, and I heard from the Striblings and they are planning a big Easter egg hunt and dinner on Sunday.

Debra Stribling reported that David’s cousin, D.J. Moore, is heading back to his home in Alaska after a nice visit in Reilly Springs.

Debra and Rhandi Fails attended Canton on Saturday and reported “finding some Easter stuff.”

Jan Lawrence, Jacy Lawrence, and Abby and Kobi Kirby were weekend visitors with Joyce McDonald. They all “shopped Canton out” and reported a wonderful time. Then, on Saturday, they visited with Mrs. Elma Crouch at Carriage House Nursing Home, and all met up with Danny and Shannon Lawrence, who had arrived from Houston for the weekend. Everyone met for supper on Saturday night and had a fun-filled occasion, visiting and catching up on all that was happening.

For a little while on Saturday afternoon, Uncle Bobby managed to get Kobi still for a few minutes in the bluebonnets for a series of pictures. We got at least 10 good photos with an Easter basket and some eggs.

Jan, Abby and Kobi returned to Muleshoe on Sunday morning and Jaci returned to Tyler on Sunday afternoon. Danny and Shannon made their way back to Houston on Sunday night. Danny and Shannon are counting the days until their May graduations and a return to Hopkins County. I’ve already warned Danny that since he’s headed back to Hopkins County, I’m going to expect him to take care of me in the nursing home.

Look for some instructions later in the week from Sandi Wallace about cooking a lamb for Easter. Sandi has been working with lamb recipes and attempting to get the seasoning just right. She’s offered to share her knowledge with me and I plan to write an article about it, as very few of us in Hopkins County know much about preparing lamb.”

Have you ever eaten lamb? I had the opportunity to try it back in college, when I had several friends from the Hill Country of Texas. It was a staple on many tables where they raised sheep for a living. Then, J.R. Fisher developed a taste for lamb when he was an exchange student in Australia a few years ago. He came back requesting that Marilee learn how to prepare the dish, and she made several attempts. Even though lamb is occasionally consumed in Reilly Springs, I think most of us could use some “tips” on learning better ways to prepare it.

Vera Harrington reports Easter plans of going to Waxahachie to visit with the granddaughters and enjoying a meal cooked by Mitzi Harrington. It seems that Mitzi is the cook in the Harrington family and manages to prepare most of the holiday meals. “It’s not that I can’t cook, but Mitzi enjoys it,” reports Mary Harrington Burns. “And, it’s much simpler to help her than to have to prepare the entire meal.”

“And most of our girls are too big for an Easter egg hunt, but they still enjoy getting small gifts and a few chocolate ones to eat,” inserted Vera.

Several have mentioned this week the Easter sunrise services that Vera hosted for so many years at her home in Reilly Springs. “They were some of the most meaningful and beautiful services,” exclaimed Polly Swatsell. “It was so pretty to look out over the lake and see the Easter story told with live animals in the early morning hours.”

Saturday night will also mark a Reilly Springs Jamboree, hosted in the historic Reilly Springs schoolhouse, just in time for all the weekend visitors for the holiday. Make plans to bring your holiday guests and join everyone on Saturday night. Appearing on the Jamboree will be The Roger Reed Family Band, Joe Green, and other local talent. The show begins at 7 p.m. and concessions will be available, so make plans to come early.

While you have your calendar out, flip the month and mark May 17 as the annual Reilly Springs Memorial Day. It is just a little over a month away, so be making your plans now.

Until next week, have a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoy the many activities planned during this week. Pray for our soldiers who defend our freedoms around the world, and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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