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Home News-Telegram News Sulphur Springs elementary students finish first overall at academic UIL meet

Sulphur Springs elementary students finish first overall at academic UIL meet

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Sulphur Springs elementary students swept the competition as the overall top scoring school at the academic UIL competition held this spring at Parkway Elementary School in Longview.

Overall, Sulphur Springs students finish the March 4 meet with 686 total points, 55 more points than Hallsville ISD and 253 more than Pine Tree ISD — two of Sulphur Springs’ fiercest academic UIL competitors. However, Sulphur Springs and Hallsville split overall points high by grade levels, with each ahead in two grades each.

And, notable is the fact that this is only Sulphur Springs’ second time in recent history to participate in elementary UIL, and the first time Sulphur Springs second graders have competed. Last year, Sulphur Springs’ third, fourth and fifth graders finished third place overall at the elementary UIL competition. This year, they captured first place overall.

Between the five campuses — Sulphur Springs Elementary, Douglas Intermediate, Bowie Primary, Lamar Primary and Travis Primary schools — Sulphur Springs took 115 students, 33 coaches and five campus coordinators to the meet. The students competed in 27 events and earned numerous individual and team medals.

Second graders earned 67 of the total 686 points amassed by Sulphur Springs. However, at the grade level Hallsville finished just ahead of Sulphur Springs second graders with 70 total points, while Pine Tree second graders trailed with 46 points overall.

Sulphur Springs second graders were recognized for winning two team awards and a total of nine individual awards in four categories as well. 

The second grade music memory team consisting of Aylaen Burell, Kaylie Resendiz, Addyson Nickerson, Sicily Potter, Tray Smith and Madysen Gilbert earned first place honors. Individually, Smith won first place honors and Resendiz sixth place in music memory. Alma Ramirez, Brenda Cruz and Anna Hicks were the second grade music memory coaches.

The second grade chess puzzle team consisting of Adrian Salas, Colton Isonhood, Eric Li and Uriah Lee won first place team honors as well. Isonhood and Lee tied for third place in chess puzzle competition. Kati Adair, Michelle Wallace, and Anne Michelle Penson were the second grade chess puzzle coaches.

In creative writing, second grader Samantha Rogers earned second place honors, Jessica Reed fourth place and Kylie Vaughn sixth place. Cassie Fleming, Pam Scott and Amy Tanton were the second grade creative writing coaches.

Savanna Darrow earned second place honors and Keely Mont third place honors in second grade storytelling competition. Serving as second grade storytelling coaches were Kassie Smith, Karina Perez and Laci Ragan.

Campus coordinators for second grade competitors were Chandra Crawford, Mandy Fenton and Joanna Foster.

Sulphur Springs third graders finished eight points ahead of Hallsville, with 143 points overall. The SSES third grade students also earned three team awards and came home with 13 individual medals.

The third grade music memory team consisting of Carson Wells, Sarah Wallis, Cara Batterton, Ava Jones, Julia Garcia-Ricker and Nathan Bilyeu won first place team honors. Individually, Wells and Bilyeu tied for second place honors, and Garcia-Ricker came in fourth. Danette Lovelady served as the third grade music memory coach.

The first place spelling team included third graders Brooks Burgin, Gage Gideon, Sam Sheffield and Abigail Bautista. Individually, Burgin won second place honors, Gideon third place, Sheffield fifth place and Bautista sixth place. The coach for the third grade spelling team was Donna Terwilliger.

Making up the second place chess puzzle team were third graders Nathan Bilyeu, Luke White, Amber Elliot and Isaac Stanley. Individually, Bilyeu was recognized for placing fourth in chess puzzle competition. Laura Owens was the third grade chess coach.

In storytelling, third grader Rachel Law won first place honors and classmate Lilly Bankston was recognized for placing fourth. Brittany Hicks seved as the coach for third grade storytelling competitors.

Rounding out the list of third grade winners were ready writing competitors Claire Monk, Cara Batterton and Amerson Boles. Monk won second place honors, Batterton third place and Boles fourth. Angela Grimes served as the third grade ready writing coach.

Sulphur Springs fourth graders received 216 points overall, putting them 61 points ahead of Hallsville and 116 points ahead of Pine Tree. The fourth graders earned four team awards and went home with 19 individual wins.

Making up the first place music memory team were fourth graders Gavin Sills, Graham Mayo, Braylen Savage, Alexis Nickerson and Ty Holt. Individually, this team took home five of the six awards distributed in this category. Sills won first place, Mayo second, Savage third, Nickerson fifth and Holt sixth. Danette Lovelady served as the fourth grade music memory coach too.

Fourth graders Ty Holt, Laney Bankston, Sadie Barnett, Jacquelina Banda and Justin Wilson practically shut the competition out of the art competition, earning five of the six individual awards and taking home the first place team honors in art as well. Hold won first,  Bankston second, Barnett third, Banda fourth and Wilson sixth. Brook Howard served as the fourth grade art coach.

The first place chess puzzle team included Brody Emmert, Barrett Thesing, Levi Barnes and Gage Williams. Individually, Thesing took home second place honors and Emmert third place. Laura Owens was the coach for the fourth grade chess puzzle team.

Earning second place team honors in spelling were fourth graders Andrew Richey, Justin Debase, Keelie Phillips and Aspen Mayhew. Individually, Richey won second and Debase fourth place. Serving as fourth grade spelling coach was Carolyn Rowe.

The third place number sense team included fourth graders Cristobal Torres, Givanni Hernandez, Aspen Mayhew and Barrett Thesing. Individually, Thesing was recognized for finishing fourth in number sense. The fourth grade number sense coach was Patricia Cooper.

In ready writing, Alexis Villarino won first place honors, Reese Malone second place honors and Mackenzie Posey was recognized for finishing sixth. Jessica Gilbert served as the fourth grade ready writing coach. 

Fourth grader Madeleine Poskey was also recognized for her fifth place finish in oral reading; Shelly Gibson was the team coach.

Serving as campus UIL coordinator for third and fourth graders at SSES was Amy Jumper.

Sulphur Springs fifth graders earned 260 points overall, 11 points less than Hallsville, but still 24 more than Pine Tree. Fifth graders came home with nine team awards and 24 individual awards.

Fifth graders contributing to the first place music memory team were Cohen Elliott, Mary Taylor, Emerson Penny and Ian Mallard. Individually, Elliott went home with top honors, Taylor second place, Penny fourth and Mallard fifth. The team was coached by Deana Spraggins.

Making up the first place spelling team were fifth graders Kami White, Caroline Prickette and Juan Garcia. Individually, White placed third, Prickette fourth and Garcia sixth place. Stephanie Ross served as the team coach.

The second place art team included eighth graders Kylah Latham, Maddie Bailey, Madison Sperry, Tomi Pirtle, Jacie Harrington and Juan Santacruz. Individually, Latham won second place honors, Santacruz placed fifth and Harrington sixth. Megan Wiggins was the fifth grade art team coach.

Kate Monk, Joselin Garcia, Camila Hidalgo and Laura Bautista made up the second ranked fifth grade listening skills team. Monk won first place honors and Hidalgo third place honors. Amy Peters served as the fifth grade listening skills team coach.

The second place chess puzzle team coached by Frances Charlton included fifth graders Ethan Roach, Tyler Lee, Matthew Archer and Michael Voyles. Individually, Roach won second place honors and Lee placed sixth in fifth grade chess.

Kristen McKinney coached the second ranked maps, graphs and charts team which included fifth graders Coen Bell, Jayden Arledge, Alec Wright and Landon Burkett. Bell earned first place honors and Burkett sixth place in fifth grade maps, graphs and charts.

Fifth graders Caroline Prickette, Caitlin Libby, Garrett Robinson and Coen Bell earned second place team honors in social studies. Individually, Robinson was recognized for placing fifth and Bell for placing sixth in social studies. Natalie White served as the team coach for fifth grade social studies.

Recognized as the third place number sense team were fifth graders Angel Mills, Tracey Shackelford, Jacquie Monroy and Logan McCain. Mills also was recognized for finishing sixth in number sense. Meghan Alcorn was the fifth grader number sense coach.

The third place dictionary skills team included fifth graders Daphne Valles, Katie Henderson, Tomi Pirtle and Jolie Sweat. Leesha Strawn was the fifth grade team coach.

Fifth grader Maddie Sprague was recognized for finishing fourth in ready writing. Nichole Perry was the fifth grade ready writing coach.

Four additional fifth graders were recognized for winning four of the six awards given in oral reading competition. Austin Chaney won first place honors, Carter Charlton second place honors, Annalissa Tanton placed fourth and Dylan Shumate fifth place. Melissa Johnson served as fifth grade oral reading coach.

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