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SSMS earns 2nd place overall sweepstakes award SSMS at district UIL contest

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Sulphur Springs Middle School came in second overall for the sweepstakes at the district academic UIL meet this year. Sixth and seventh graders also came in second overall, with eighth graders earning third overall at the Feb. 4 meet at Hallsville Junior High School.

Overall, SSMS overtook Pine Tree 884 points to 762 points. The middle school title, however, went to Hallsville, who amassed 1,156 points.

SSMS also was second in One-Act Play competition, earning 34 points to Hallsville’s 40 points, with Texas Middle School in third with 23 points. Five students also earned cast awards. Haley Fletcher, Geranimo Lindley and Trinity Ashford were named All Star Cast members. Hannah Shultz and Rorie Young received Honorable Mention All Star Cast recognition. Desi Pharis coached the One Act Play students.

At the sixth grade level Hallsville amassed 357 points, SSMS 253 points, Pine Tree 208 points, Texas Middle School 155 points, Mount Pleasant 119 points and Greenville 104 points; notable is the fact that Greenville only brought sixth graders to the district academic UIL meet this year.

SSMS sixth graders came home with two first place team awards, had three teams come in second and two teams finished third. Several sixth graders also earned recognition for their individual wins.

The first place sixth grade chess team included Bridger Mayhew, Phoenix Capobianco and Trentin McKinney. Mayhew won first place honors and Capobianco second place honors in chess. Nancy Kirby served as coach for the SSMS chess teams.

The first place dictionary skills team included sixth graders Maleah Doss, Briley Vice and Allyssa Isonhood. Individually, Doss earned first place honors, Isonhood second place honors and Vice third place honors. Patty Isonhood served as dictionary skills coach for SSMS teams.

The second place sixth grade art team included Jose Flores, Melissa Lopez, Leah Sotelo and Micah Henderson. Individually, Flores won first place honors and Lopez was recognized for her sixth place finish. Nathan Woodard served as coach for SSMS art teams.

The sixth grade music memory team consisting of Sallee Spraggins, Isabelle Thesing, Ashland Hooten, Chloe Kerns and Tamiyah Rose won second place honors. Individually, Thesing earned second place honors and Spraggins placed fourth. Aaron Lovelady was the SSMS music memory coach.

Sixth graders Sean Dial, Zoe Haywood and Keifer Williams earned second place team honors in social studies competition. Amy Harden was their coach.

The third place maps, graphs and charts team included sixth graders Adyson Leach, Gavin White and Joshua Sutton. Jeffrey Denton served as coach for all SSMS maps, graphs and charts teams.

Jocelyn Yanez, Artesia Cheak and Rhealyn Tatum earned third place team recognition among sixth grade listening skills competitors. Yanez was also recognized for her individual sixth place finish in listening skills competition. Sasha Posey coached the sixth and seventh grade listening skills teams.

The third place spelling team consisted of sixth graders Angel Cruz, Jillian Jumper and Yordy Vazquez. Cruz was also recognized for placing third individually in spelling competition. Christine Thomas was the spelling coach for SSMS teams.

Several other sixth graders also earned recognition for their individual wins at the district academic UIL meet. They included: Zykeirra Colbert fourth place, Juliet Olivo fifth place and Kierstan McDonald sixth place in editorial writing; Miley Fisher second place honors in impromptu speaking; Emily Armstrong, first place, and Khira Young fourth place, in oral reading-poetry; Rebekah Stanley fifth place and Sailan Adair sixth place in oral reading-prose; and Kadence Nash first place and Aubrey Williams second place, in ready writing. Coaches were P. Cooksey, editorial writing; Misty Abron, impromptu speaking; Melissa Peugh, sixth grade prose/poetry; and Jennifer Bunch ready writing.

Seventh graders from Hallsville earned 380 points, SSMS 355 points and Pine Tree 238 points.

At the seventh grade level, SSMS earned first place team honors in five categories, second place team honors in three competitions and had three teams finish third overall.

The first place art team consisted of seventh graders Anna Adair, Bailee Burnett, Shelby Ray and Allie Grace Woodard. Individually Woodard placed first, Burnett second and Ray third.

Seventh graders Caleb Talmage, Brendan Fink and Jessica Snyder earned first place team honors for their chess puzzle solving skills. Individually, Talmage placed fifth and Fink sixth in chess puzzle solving.

The first place seventh grade dictionary skills team included Jasmin Cordova, Cason Foster and Lazzarrayah Johnson. Cordova won second, Foster placed fifth and Johnson sixth individually for their dictionary skills.

Seventh graders Savannah Lilley, Litzy Chacon, Nate Lovelady, Anna Lopez and Jessica Yanez earned first place team honors in music memory. Individually, Lilley won second place honors, Chacon third, Yanez fourth and Lovelady sixth. 

Dawson Carpenter, Reese Rabe and Chad Maynard won first place honors in seventh grade spelling competition. Individually, Carpenter won first place honors, Maynard placed fourth and Rabe sixth in spelling.

The second place listening skills team included seventh graders Fabian Perez, Sam Wilks and Logan Wilcox. Wilcox won second place honors, Perez third and Wilks sixth.

The seventh grade maps, graphs and charts team that won second place team honors included Dylan Webb, Griffin Crawford and Carson Fenton. Individually, Webb won second place honors in maps, graphs and charts.

Seventh graders Justin Haire, Jose Mejia and Jacob Semler made up the second place social studies team. Individually, Mejia placed second and Haire third in social studies. Kyle Smith coached seventh and eighth grade social studies teams.

Seventh graders Mary Cruz, Micah Flemmons and Peyton Hammack were the third ranked calculator team. Marsha Nolan coached the SSMS calculator teams.

The third place number sense team included seventh graders Fernando Chimal, Ryker Mason and Juan Pablo Hernandez. Kelly Shutt coached SSMS number sense teams.

The third place seventh grade Science I team include Sahib Randhawa, Scott Major and Landon Helms. Randhawa was recognized for placing sixth in Science I. Kelly Holloman coached seventh grade science teams.

In impromptu speaking, SSMS seventh graders shut the competition out of the top three slots. Addison Caddell won first place honors, Victoria Mejia second place honors and Conner Bailey third place honors. Misty Abron coached SSMS impromptu speaking teams.

In oral reading-poetry, seventh graders Addyson Lamb won first place honors, Emily Goutcher second place honors and Jeauxleigh Cantu placed fourth. Liz Moss coached seventh and eighth grade poetry teams.

Cable Glenn placed second, Emily Atkins third and Janiya Gatlin fifth in seventh grade oral reading-prose competition. Jennifer Roberts coached seventh and eighth grade prose teams.

In seventh grade ready writing, Paige Bimmerlee won second and Ben Braddy third place. Jennifer Bunch coached SSMS ready writing teams. 

Seventh grader Tyler Holt was recognized for placing third in modern oratory. Connie Ruiz coached SSMS modern oratory students.

Eight graders earned 379 points for Hallsville, 308 points for Pine Tree and 242 points for Sulphur Springs.

Overall, at the eighth grade level, SSMS had four teams earn first place honors, one second-place team and six teams that earned third place rankings.

The first place art team included eighth graders Wiley Bennett, Jackie Olivo, Crystal Flores, Jamie Cervantes and Kimberly Wheatcraft. Individually, Olivo won second place honors, Wheatcraft fourth place, Crystal Flores fifth and Bennett sixth place in art.

Making up the first place dictionary skills team were eighth graders Mady Posey, Caroline Hurley and Hector Martinez. Individually, Posey won first place honors and Hurley second place honors.

Kayetlynn Ricks, Riley Ward?rup and Norrisa Lane make up the first ranked eighth grade listening skills team. Lane earned first place honors and Ricks third place honors, individually. Karen McCormack coached the eighth grade listening skills team.

Making up the first place music memory team were eighth graders Gregg English, Avery Moss, Allison Katchuska, Maddy Holt and Jamee Foster. These students earned four of the top six medals; Holt first place honors, English second, Katchuska third and Moss fifth.

Making up the second place chess team were eighth graders Dillan Blevins, Lige Leavens and Robert Dyer. Individually, Dyer placed third and Leavens sixth in chess.

The third place calculator applications team included Justin Brantley, Lizbeth Alvarez and Courtney Frazier.

The third place mathematics team included eighth graders Kendall Little, Maci Swafford and Galilea Sosa. Little earned second place individual honors in math. Senor Mangon was coach for SSMS math teams.

Eighth graders Kendall Little, Cameron Beard and Daniel Soto made up the third place number sense team. Little placed fifth in the event.

The third place Science II team included eighth graders Harrison Allen, Matthew Harper and Trinity Sherman. Harper was recognized for placing sixth individually in Science II. Bryan Cole was the eighth grade science coach.

The eighth grade social studies team consisting of Norrisa Lane, Grant Mohesky and Patrick Owens earned a third place overall ranking. Individually, Mohesky was recognized for his sixth place finish.

Making up the third place spelling team were eighth graders Cameron Beard, Daniel Soto and Mariam Tran. Individually, Tran placed fourth and Beard fifth in spelling.

In impromptu speaking, eighth graders won three medals: Raydon McCormick for first place, Hannah Shultz fifth place and LaModrick Johnson sixth place.

Also recognized for their individual accomplishments were Rorie Young, first place in oral reading-prose; Corde Mayo, fourth place in maps, graphs and charts; and Jazmin Hernandez, sixth place in  oral reading-poetry.




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