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Home Blogs Mommy Talk When can we eat peanut butter sandwich cracker packages again?

When can we eat peanut butter sandwich cracker packages again?

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I am peanut butter lover, through and through, my parents can vouch for that. The picky child I was allowed to be--I ate peanut butter and crackers everyday for lunch--and sometimes still do. Back then my mom handmade them each day, too cheap to buy the convenient cracker packages. Well, low and behold I have a child that is the same way. Luckily, he is happy with peanut butter sandwiches as well, given the scary recall on austin and keebler cracker packages due to the peanut butter paste. I was just wondering when if ever I can go back to my routine or do I need to be a cheese convert? According to a story I found on the web from MSNBC dated March 13, some people are still becoming ill and some stores have not removed all of the recalled products. As a mom and peanut butter lover--I am scared.

I do know, since I am a choosey mom, that JIFF is safe to eat. I guess I can pack and peanut butter jar and spoon and just go with it...I know I won't be the first up here to do that!

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A new kind of livestrong...Lance
written by Cindy Roller , April 17, 2009
I recently saw this video from Lance Company on youtube.
or go to www.Lance.com
I have also noticed more of this brand in snack machines. Looks like my reassurance in my belove PB & C has been restored. Whew...
written by a guest , March 30, 2009
Thanks for the reply. I have steered clear of PB sandwich packages. And I hope that's as far as they take it. It is good to know that I'm not alone in my worries.
Keep me posted.
Peanut Butter Crackers
written by Denise McCarty , March 27, 2009
Hello Cindy,
As Director of the Northeast Texas Food Bank I understand your delima with peanut butter crackers. We are constantly updating our information on recalled foods and this peanut butter fiasco has really hurt the food bank. We have had to throw out cases of product that has been recalled. I had a visit with the State Health Inspector yesterday and he said for me to be ready for more recalls on the peanut butter crackers and such. For now peanut butter in jars are safe (at least so far). The old saying "when in doubt throw it out" is always the safe way to go. For now I would suggest waiting for an "all clear" from the USDA. on any cracker peanut butter product.

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