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Home News-Telegram Community News BRASHEAR NEWS JUNE 17, 2016


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June 4 was the annual homecoming for Brashear Cemetery. There was as usual a good turnout with old and new business addressed. There was great music and as a

special surprise Enola Gay brought some old memories. She had received over the years documents by Mary Jo Rogers. She read some of the interesting stories and facts. All you had to do is watch some of the long-time residents of Brashear nodding to know that they remembered each and every one of the stories. Sometimes the name of the person was called out. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the program. Also, of course, the food was awesome. 

Brashear Baptist Church Bible School was held last week and was a great success. They have the Bible school in the evening so the entire family can be involved — a great idea.

Our garden is going great guns. Cucumbers, squash (yellow, zucchini and butternut) are really producing. I have filled our freezer. Tomatoes are starting to get ripe. Salsa making is on my horizon. Cantaloupes will be ready real soon. Also the corn is almost ready to pick.

I read the paper this week about people being upset about the condition of the roads. Well, we know the roads are bad. So, I guess what I am trying to say is just take your time and be very careful. We know that they will fix them when they have the resources and know the weather is right. Patience is something some of us do not have in great supply.

Last week, our community was part of a great thing, Sulphur Springs Work Camp. This was the 10th year of youth of our area and other cities come together to help homeowners, who are unable to fix up their houses. Our youth worked hard to get their houses painted and spruced up. I am not sure everyone knows how much this can help that individual, neighborhood and community. Thank you to the people, churches and workers to making SSWC a great one.

Thanks to all of you who read Brashear News. I really appreciate your comments.

Take care in this heat. The Sulphur Springs Senior Citizens Center is handing out fans for the elderly, who need a way to keep cool. Please call me if you could use a box fan to help keep cool. 

Remember, I love to hear from you to share your special news. Call me at 903-612-8806, email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or stop by County Road 1119 for a cold glass of water or lemonade. I love to visit.




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