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spring break on a budget

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If you're like me, the holidays my kid counts down toward with anticipation inspire just the opposite for me.

Depending on what day of the week or how long, as a single parent I have to begin checking working to figure out where my child will spend those days and how much that's going to cost me.

Usually, I've very blessed in that my kids is able to go to the Boys & Girls Club, which on normal off days during the school year, don't cost me extra — another blessing considering I, like most others in my situation, operate on a limited budget.

However, that's not the case for summer break. The club is open, generally all except a week or so to allow staff time with their families or to prepare for the new year, during hte summer. However, even at the club, there's a fee during the summer.

Generally, it's not a huge fee per week, or a set rate for the summer term (still a lot less than standard child care fees). I'm so greatful for that. But, over the course of 2 1/2 months, that adds up.

So, you can imagine thoughts for spring break. This year, I was lucky enough to get 4 days off to spend with my son. Generally I do good to squeeze in a day or a few half days. My son is getting closer to teen years, but still enjoys spending time with mom. So, I'm glad of the opportunity to spend time with him without having to go, go, go.

But, with finances tight this year I wasn't sure what we'd be able to do. We did manage to sneak in two trips to the movies and a trip to Caldwell Zoo — one of my son's favorite places to go. We spent time playing games, things like checkers, Uno and Kerplunk, and just chillin in front of the TV watchin a few favorite old movies.

It allowed me to enjoy my son while he's still a kid, and gave him some good memories too. Time spent with your kid is precious. They grow up so fast. Remember to enjoy the time you do have, and to take the extra minute to just do "nothing" with your kids. Mine appreciated it, and chances are so will yours. Despite what they say, one of the most important things you can give your child is you – your time, attention and love.

My son's complaint was that there weren't enough days, which all passed way too quickly.

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written by Cindy Roller , March 24, 2009
I have to agree. Time does fly. Finding ways to entertain a pack is difficult on tight budgets. I was lucky to have free trackmeets and baseball games to attend. Plus the good o'le grandparents always find a way to surprize as well. My mother-in-law, to whom I adore along with all my other relatives, came by Saturday and her and our girls enjoyed a walk around the square. She said Greg's dad would be proud of her ability to resist antique shopping desires. Can't believe there is just two six weeks left. Better start planning now...We are still hoping for a trip to Austin with the track team, that is if the coaches can score enough time to work out with the athletes. That seems to be the newest battle! LOL.

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